YHM .30 Cal. Q.D. Blast Deflector and Phantom .30 Cal. Q.D. Flash Hider 2 piece set

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 YHM .30 Cal. Q.D. Blast Deflector and Phantom .30 Cal. Q.D. Flash Hider 2 piece set

Blast Deflector Product Features:

YHM designed this QD Blast Deflector to work with multiple YHM QD muzzle devices. The QD Blast Deflector locks on just like a YHM Suppressor. The Mechanism is fast, positive and virtually impossible to disengage accidentally.

The YHM-3135 is designed to completely cover the YHM-3302's mounts. It will also work with the shorter mounts, YHM-3102's, YHM-4302's, & YHM-5M2-QD.

Will not fit YHM-3702's, YHM-3802'S, YHM-9923's, & YHM-9853's

Blast Deflector Specifications:

Material 4140 Chrome Moly steel
Length: 2.69"
Finish: Melonite QPQ
Made in the USA.

Flash Hider Product Features:

This flash hider is used for our .30 Cal. Phantom Q.D. Sound Suppressors YHM-3300 and YHM-3300-Ti. It retains the excellent flash hiding capabilities of the original Phantom. Available in a wide array of thread sizes.

This flash hider WILL NOT accommodate our 5.56 sound suppressors or our .30 cal. Light Tactical (LT/A) sound suppressors.

Flash Hider Specifications:

.30 Cal. Q.D. Flash Hider Available Thread Sizes: 
5/8"-24 (Most Common .30 Cal. Thread) 
M14x1 LH
M15x1 RH
9/16"-24 LH 
9/16"-24 RH