Yankee Hill YHM DUST COVER ASSY Caliber Marked 5.56 Nato 4643-2

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Yankee Hill YHM DUST COVER ASSY Caliber Marked  5.65 Nato

Product Features: YHM has long been a supplier of Caliber Marked upper receivers, but we soon asked ourselves "What if we want to change the caliber of that upper receiver?"

 For this reason, we now offer caliber marked dust covers for those who may end up changing the caliber of their top end/upper receiver.

Specifications Assemblies Include the following:

5.56 Nato Caliber Marked Dust Cover Rod AND Retaining Clip Spring

No more dangerous mix-ups on what gun is chambered in.   Your 5.56 will be marked, as a 300 blackout round will also fit into a .223 or 5.56 chamber, depending on the projectile. Now you will have a visible reminder which caliber the gun is chambered for.  A must when taking friends or family shooting.