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XX-Treme Barrel Co. 16
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XX-Treme Barrel Co. 16" 1-14 Twist Hbar .458 Socom Engraved Barrel (Cryo Treated)

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XX-Treme Barrel Co. 16" 1:14 Twist Hbar .458 Socom Engraved Barrel

The Barrel is a 16" heavy barrel made out of 4150 steel with a black parkerized finish, a 1-14 twist rate and a carbine length gas system.
The barrel is chambered in the awsome .458 SOCOM and machined with a single feed ramp in the barrel extension.
Built to match grade specifications polished honed chamber, 3 Stage Lapped Bore.  This Cryogenically treated barrel has increased wear resistance, easier cleaning, reduced friction, heat and wear for an improved barrel life, Improved shot groupings resulting in improved accuracy, Increased velocity of about 50-60 feet per second Also it has the very best stress relieving process available.
Also these barrels are hardened to a Rockwell hardness 25-29 A perfect hardness for long lasting & ultra accurate barrel

 .458 SOCOM is also engraved into the barrel.

The Barrels go through a 100% Inspection Process. Inspections Equipment includes CMMs and Air Gauges for the Bores.

The .458 Socom is A Freight Train of a round it is a 400 grain bullet coming out at 1600 fps 400 grains Now compare to a 
.223 at 55 grains its 7 1/2 times as heavy so heavy as 7 5.56 Nato 55 grain bullets coming out of the muzzle at 1600 fps 
as fast for such a heavy bullet making this round one that can stop any thing that it may come in contact with
Great for Wild Boar or even Deer Hunting Also
It Gives The Power Your Ar-15 Has Been Looking For.

Technical Information:
Length: 16"
Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
Contour: Socom
Chamber: .458 Socom
Twist Rate: 1 in 14"
Finish: Parkerized
M4 Feed Ramps: Yes
Muzzle Thread Pattern: 5/8x32
Gas Port Location: Carbine
Exterior Diameter at Gas Port: 0.875"
Made in USA

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