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Strike Industries Mini KingComp 9mm
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Strike Industries Mini KingComp 9mm

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Strike Industries Mini KingComp 9mm

The Strike Industries Mini King Comp 9mm brings the proven performance of the full size King Comp in a more compact, lighter package designed exclusively for 9mm carbines.  The Mini King Comp retains the full range of features of the King Comp in a single chamber format.  The large single baffle captures the vented gasses for recoil mitigation.  The redirection jets work to stabilize the muzzle end for faster follow up shots while dampening felt concussion on the shooter end to maintain the pleasant shooting characteristics of 9mm carbines.  The end of the compensator features the “crown” of standoff/wire cutting tines that gives the compensator its name.  While 9mm carbines are known for low recoil and fast handling characteristics, give yours an extra edge in performance with the SI Mini King Comp 


 Product Spec:
- Length: 2.30" 
- Weight: 3.35 oz net; 3.55 oz gross 
- Thread Pitch: 1/2x28 
- Caliber: 9mm


Package includes:
- 1x Mini King Comp 9mm
- 1x Crush Washer


- Compact single chamber design
- Standoff/wirecutting tines
- Tuned for concussion reduction without sacrificing performance
- Made in USA

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