Receiver End Plate Looped Sling Adapter for Rifles, Right Hand - Made In USA

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Dynamic Defense Receiver End Plate
The single point sling has become the preferred sling system for close quarter combat and urban operations when operators need to execute dynamic entries or move around corners without telegraphic their presence. This looped model of the Dynamic Defense receiver end plate sling adapter is easy to install and will allow you to add a single point sling to your rifle or carbine. It is designed for right handed shooters, i.e. those who mount their rifle on their right shoulder. It is also designed for use on guns with an adjustable stock and for use with slings that use a metal MASH clip, snap-hook slings, or sling with spring-loaded clips. It is NOT designed for slings with fabric attachment points. It is also NOT designed for guns with fixed stocks.  Made in the USA from AS-35 Geneva steel and manganese micro phosphate per MIL-SPEC. All parts are de-burred to reduce wear on the sling webbing and to protect the operator. This is not the Chinese Cheap-o!  Not painted, but Phosphated with a MIL-SPEC finish.  Designed for real guns.
Military Law Enforcement Approved
Fits most .223 5.56 .308 Rifles