Polymer 80 Lower Receiver Poly 80 Phoenix 2 80% Ar-15 Lower with Jig and Bits

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       Polymer 80 Gen II Phoenix 80% Lower Kit


Feel the difference the second you pick it up! The Polymer80 Lower Receiver features rock solid frame, injection molded from a fully automated system that was two years in the making.

This system is designed as a complete kit. There's NO expensive jig kits and parts to purchase - Polymer80's system is a COMPLETE, all inclusive package in one price!

The Phoenix, Gen2 version features Polymer 80's proprietary polymer composite, a solid core design, stiffened magwell and beefier MILSPEC buffer tube housing. The pistol grip area features a unique no-thread design specific to Polymer80 lowers.

The jig is included in the price of this system The kit comes with drill bits and the end mill bit that's required to finish your AR project the right way.


  • Unique reinforced polymer design with solid core design
  • ATF compliant design
  • Beefed up buffer tube ring and ribbing across the entire upper surface area
  • No-thread design on pistol grip area
  • Stiffened magwell, ultra-light design
  • build this kit using only a drill press or end mill
  • Build only takes up to one hour

NOTE: Older versions used some screws to hold the jig in place.  That was changed in 2015 and this newest version does not come with or require screws to hold the jig together.