Polymer 80 Glock 80% FDE Pistol Kit Includes Jig & Tools EZ To Build Super HOT !!

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Poly 80 80% Glock Pistol Kit Jig & Tools Included

FDE Color

So very easy to complete much easier to do than the AR-15 poly 80 lower its scary to think in just 10-15 min you can have a fully functioning glock that you made at home but its not just a dream its real and here today for sale and in stock.

Buy now these will not last where these are the newest and hottest thing around.

All at a price lower than anywhere on the web.

Does NOT include Lower Parts Kit, Barrel or slide. Those Items Must Be Purchased Separately. 


Feel the difference the second you pick it up! The Polymer80 Spectre features a rock solid pistol frame, injection molded from a fully automated system that was two years in the making.


This system is designed as a complete kit. There's NO expensive jig kits and parts to purchase - Polymer80's Spectre system is a COMPLETE, all inclusive package in one price!

Unlike the Glock, this frame includes a uniquely extended beaver-tail, and most notably a super tactical 1911 pistol grip rather than the standard glock styled pistol grip. Even better, this pistol grip includes a built in flared magwell for speed loading. This feature will surely be a favorite amongst competition shooters who require speed and accuracy.

The jig is included in the price of this system. The kit comes with drill bits and the end mill bit that's required to finish your Glock project the right way.


  • No FFL required
  • All bits and parts included
  • Unique textured grip
  • Built in flared magwell
  • Extended beaver-tail
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All easy to complete with a small drill press.
  • Takes only 15 min to complete
  • BATF Approved
  • You tube video to walk you thru the build.
  • Fits 9mm, 40, 357 Sig, using model 17, 22, 24, 31, 34 & 35 generation 3 3 pin slides.  Can also be used with .22LR conversion slides for those models

Parts & Dealer List for completion of the PF940 80% Frame

Provided below is a complete list of parts that are needed to finish your own PF940 polymer pistol frame.We have included a list of retailers that offer the necessary parts to finish a G17-based 9mm. Specific parts for builds based on other Glock models can easily be found by navigating these sites and and others.

Upper/Slide Parts List
Lower Receiver/Frame Parts
1) Front Sight
18) Trigger w/ Trigger Bar
2) Rear Sight
19) Locking Block/Slide Rail w/ screws (provided by Polymer80)
3) Extractor
20) Trigger Mechanism Housing (Shown Assembled)
4) Slide
21) Trigger Spring (Shown Assembled)
5) Extractor Depressor
22) Connector (Shown Assembled)
6) Extractor Depressor Spring
23) Slide Stop Lever
7) Spring Loaded Bearing
24) Magazine Catch
8) Firing Pin Channel Liner
25) Magazine Catch Spring
9) Spring Cups
26) Slide Locking Lever Spring
10) Firing Pin Springs
27) Slide Locking Lever
11) Firing Pin Spacer Sleeve
28) Locking Block Pin
12) Firing Pin 
29) Trigger Pin
13) Firing Pin Safety
30) Trigger Mechanism Housing Pin
14) Firing Pin Safety Spring
31) Frame (Polymer80 PF940 80% Polymer Pistol Frame)
15) Barrel
32) Polymer80 Finishing Jig
16) Recoil Spring/Guide Rod Assembly
17) Slide Cover Plate

Lower Receiver/Frame Parts
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Upper/Slide Parts
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Lower Receiver/Frame Parts
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Upper/Slide Parts
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