Omega Mfg AR-15 223 556 1/2x28 TPI Stainless Steel Krinkov Style Muzzle Brake, Pressure Reducer V3

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Omega Mfg AR-15 223 556 1/2x28 TPI Krinkov Style Muzzle Brake, 
V3 New Design!
Now Available in Stainless Steel!
This is our newly designed version of the 'Krink' style flash forwarder. Threaded 1/2x28 TPI, it will fit on all threaded .22/5.56/.223 barrels. This does not have the internal cone to increase back pressure like the original Russian design, so you don't end up with more residue and blowback in your action. It will fit under most slim handguards, making it perfect for projects like a 7" or 10" pistol with matching length handguard. Distinctive look on your carbine as well. Made in Utah. 

Specifications & Product Description

Industrial Grade Steel Heat Treated Krinkov type design 
Solid Machined Construction 
Stainless Steel Finish  
Reduced back pressure 
Measures 3.05" 1/2"x28 Pitch Crush Washer included.  
Outer diameter approx 1.25"