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Northtac Ronin M-10 Closed Emitter Red Dot, 1x38mm
Northtac Ronin M-10 Closed Emitter Red Dot, 1x38mm

Northtac Ronin M-10 Closed Emitter Red Dot, 1x38mm

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Northtac Ronin M-10 Red Dot, 1x38mm


This phenomenal closed-emitter red dot delivers exceptional performance, incredible durability, and reliable ruggedness! Built for the toughest conditions and featuring auto shutoff and shaw awake features, you can conquer any mission with this optic by your side!

The Northtac M-10 Closed Emitter Red Dot is engineered to deliver the largest sight picture of any Northtac optic and is built to be tough and reliable. With a 38mm objective lens, this red dot offers phenomenal visibility, ensuring improved target acquisition and an enhanced sight picture. The M-10 features Auto-Shutoff and Shake Activation, extending battery life by powering down when not in use and instantly activating with motion. Encased in an aluminum housing, the M-10 is designed to keep out dust and debris, providing reliable performance in all conditions and allowing you to battle through even the harshest conditions. Clickable turrets allow for easy zeroing, ensuring your settings are precise and maintained. No matter the mission, the Northtac M-10 Closed Emitter Red Dot is one incredible optic that can take care of any task.

Robust Construction for Enduring Reliability
Constructed with a robust aluminum housing, the Northtac M-10 is built to withstand the rigors of any environment. Its fog, shock, and water-resistant design ensures that this optic can handle the toughest conditions without compromising performance. The premium lens coating enhances light transmission and reduces glare, providing a clear and crisp sight picture in various lighting conditions. With 12 brightness settings, you can easily adjust the dot intensity to match your surroundings, whether you are shooting in low light or bright sunlight. This red dot uses a CR2032 battery and offers phenomenal battery life due to its auto shutoff features.

Built For Any Setup
The 2 MOA red dot is perfect for quick target acquisition, making the Northtac M-10 an ideal choice for a wide range of shooting applications. Whether you are engaging targets at close range or pairing it with a magnifier for longer distances, this optic delivers consistent performance and ease of use. The enclosed emitter design ensures that the dot remains clear and free from obstructions, allowing for enhanced performance in subpar conditions.

Why Buy the Northtac M-10 Red Dot?
The Northtac M-10 Closed Emitter Red Dot is the ultimate choice for shooters seeking a reliable and versatile optic. Its expansive sight picture, robust construction, and advanced features make it a top performer in any scenario. The durable closed emitter design and premium lens coating ensure long-lasting performance, while the 12 brightness settings and 2 MOA red dot provide precision and adaptability. Invest in the Northtac M-10 and experience the difference in your shooting accuracy and confidence.


Brand: Northtac
Model: Ronin M-10 Red Dot, 1x38mm
Optic Type: Red Dot
Magnification Type: 1x
Illumination: Yes
Illumination Color: Red
Battery: CR2032
Objective Lens: 38mm
MOA-Adjustments: 1-MOA Click
Reticle: Dot
Turrets: Exposed

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