New Premium Davidson Defense Anti Walk Ar-15 M16 Receiver Pins Black (2 quantity)

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Premium Davidson Defense Anti-Walk Pins

Davidson Defense anti-walk pins are great for drop in triggers, they replace the original hammer and trigger pins and are retained by special retaining  for a positive lock. 2 pins one side is flared and broached and the other side is threaded for a screw  Fits small pin lowers (.154"). 
Made of blackened chrome vanadium tool steel
Corrosion resistant 
These are some of the best anti walk pins on the market where there is only one screw so it will not become loose like the two screw versions and it is designed to aid the fire control parts so they can move more freely 

Yet be retained in the gun so dirt will not cause a stoppage 
The metal is hard hard hard so no bending or warping ever 
Great for drop in triggers and also milspec triggers too 

Works with both forged and billet uppers 
The competition will not work with billet uppers but ours do 
Patent pending design 

This is not anti rotate but anti walk that means they will not fall out where they are retained in the gun 

Parts Included: 
  • One  Blackened finish stainless steel screw
  • Pins are .154" diameter, and 1.05" long
  • These pins replace the original hammer and trigger pins.