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MP5 .40/10mm Extractor Spring
MP5 .40/10mm Extractor Spring

MP5 .40/10mm Extractor Spring

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MP5 .40/10mm Extractor Spring

The extractor spring is the most common wear item on an MP5 and a must have spare and replacement part. HK Germany no longer makes the MP5 40/10 extractor spring and they are are no longer available. Our offering is a tried and true new USA made offering taking the same design and materials to offer a replacement part made 100% in the USA. Now the wait is over we have you covered with a quality part that will allow you to enjoy your range trips without worry of finding a replacement part that was formerly unobtainable. Brand new manufacture and guaranteed to work as it should.

MP5 .40
MP5 10mm
MP5 .357 & 9X25mm
DT, Omega, SW, Vector and other custom builds

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