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LUTH-AR Ar-15 MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock - Black
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LUTH-AR Ar-15 MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock - Black

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Luth-AR MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock - Black

General Info: A Fixed stock is perfect for the modern marksman to add to their rifle. Featuring improved rigidity over adjustable stocks, fixed stocks offer perfect cheek welds, amazing shooting ergonomics, and sturdy platforms to assist the shooter in acquiring the eyebox in optics & irons alike. Fixed stocks on the AR platform began with the American service rifle the M-16 and was used in its consecutive upgrades the A2 through A4 variants. Modern-day shooters now can use various aftermarket fixed stocks that further enhance the rifle's capabilities and comfort.

Brand: Luth-AR

Brand Info: LUTH-AR-LLC features the Modular Buttstock Assembly that is fully adjustable, strong, and lightweight, AR Parts, and the Palm Handguard! Made in the USA! Randy E. Luth has 31+ years of experience in the AR-15 Firearms Industry. During this time, he founded D.P.M.S./Panther Arms, which became one of the largest AR Manufacturers in the world, created 7 patents, and promoted/pioneered hunting with AR-style rifles. As President and Founder of LUTH-AR-LLC, Randy E. Luth looks forward to introducing more innovative and exciting products to the AR Industry.

Model: The LUTH-AR MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock is a lightweight fixed stock that fits .223 and .308 AR-style rifles. It is made from high-strength glass-filled nylon that has a deep black finish. The castle nut and lock ring are incorporated into the design. This ergonomic stock has a modern design with that same sturdy feel that comes from LUTH-AR products.

Weight: This stock features an overall weight of 15.36 oz.

Platform: AR-15 /10

Buffer Tube Compatibility Rifle Buffer Tube: This MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock uses a fixed rifle tube and screw by the buttpad to securely & firmly mount to your rifle.

QD Sling: The MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock comes with QD attachment points for solid sling mounting.

Material: MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock Is made out of Glass Filled Polymer for reliability and impact resistance against the great outdoors.

Finish: MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock is finished with a black appearance.

Brand: Luth-AR
Model: MBA-2 Skullaton Rifle Buttstock - Black
Style: Rifle Stock
Material: Glass Filled Polymer
Sling Mount: Yes
Sling Style: QD Mount
Buffer Tube Compatibility: Fixed Rifle
Adjustable: Fixed
Color: Black
Storage Compartment: No
Country of Origin: USA
Weight: 15.36 oz.
Includes Buffer Tube: No
Caliber Specific: No
Adjustable Cheek Riser: No
Rubberized Buttpad: Yes
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