Kleenbore .50 Caliber Rifle and Handgun Cleaning Kit

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Kleenbore .50 Caliber Rifle and Handgun Cleaning Kit
The .50 caliber kit includes a rotating, tough nylon handle with a six section, ¼" diameter stainless steel rod and brass jag. When teamed with the cotton patches and No. 10 Copper Cutter, this combination of tools is proven to be the most effective bore cleaning tool on the market.
For removing stubborn copper metal fouling, a .50 caliber phosphorus bronze brush is also included. The double-ended Nylon Bristle Brush cleans intricate areas, such as the bolt and locking lug. The high-tech TW25 Lubricating Oil is used on all moving parts and can be placed on the cotton mop to coat an already cleaned bore, making the next cleaning even easier.
A Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth will remove all fingerprints on the outside of the gun, finishing the cleaning process and leaving the .50 caliber looking showroom new. Kleen-Bore .50 caliber kit, a small investment to maintain and preserve.