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KAK 4 Prong 1/2-28 Flash Hider
KAK 4 Prong 1/2-28 Flash Hider

KAK 4 Prong 1/2-28 Flash Hider

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KAK Industry 4 Prong 1/2x28 Flash Hider


A great 1/2x28 flash hider that performs incredibly!

Excel in any scenario with the KAK 4 Prong 1/2x28 Flash Hider, an incredible flash hider that boasts great low-light performance, comfortable shooting, and a durable construction. Whether you need an all-around muzzle device, a flash hider that works great with night-vision set-ups, or are an avid shooter who wants their firearm to look great, this flash hider delivers on all fronts.

4-Prong Design:
The KAK 4 Prong Flash Hider stands out with its unique 4-prong style, designed to reduce the blast and flash footprint of your firearm. The prongs effectively mitigate muzzle flash, preserving your vision - making it incredibly useful for low-light situations and night-vision setups.

Durability is Key:
The phosphate coating on this flash hider makes sure your firearm stays in prime condition, as the phosphate finish protects against corrosion and abuse. No matter the environment or scenario you are in, you can rest easy knowing that your flash hider is protected from the elements.

AR-15 Platform Compatibility;
Designed with the AR-15 platform in mind, the KAK 4 Prong Flash Hider fits seamlessly with a 1/2x28 thread pitch. This versatility makes it the perfect choice for users of .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, and .224 Valkyrie calibers. No matter your preference, this flash hider is your go-to solution for superior performance and adaptability.

Why Choose the KAK 4 Prong Flash Hider?
The KAK 4 Prong 1/2x28 Flash Hider is an incredible muzzle device that performs flawlessly in any scenario. The unique 4-prong design preserves your vision in low-light environments and while using night vision equipment, while the phosphate coating ensures longevity and corrosion resistance. With compatibility across various calibers, this flash hider is the go-to choice for anyone looking to perfect their build.


Brand: KAK Industry
Model: 4 Prong 1/2x28 Flash Hider
Finish: Phospate
Platform: AR-15
Thread Pitch: 1/2x28
Caliber Compatibility: .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, .224 Valkyrie
Type: Flash Hider
P&W Ready: Yes

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