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Infinity Primers Small Primer Cup Maker, Includes Instructions
Infinity Primers Small Primer Cup Maker, Includes Instructions

Infinity Primers Small Primer Cup Maker, Includes Instructions

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Infinity Primers Small Primer Cup Maker, Includes Instructions


Keep ammo prices low and quantity in stock with a DIY small primer cup-making kit!

Whether you're a reloader or prepper, or don't believe in retail ammo prices, this small primer cup maker kit is a phenomenal addition to your gear set. The Infinity Primers Small Primer Cup Maker is a 3-piece kit that allows you to form your primer cups with the help of an arbor press. Great for those seeking complete control over their reloading process or to have as a backup if ammo prices or availability make a turn for the worse.

The design of the primer maker includes a 3 piece primer cup-making die. There is a bottom and top die and a spring between the two that when used in conjunction allow the primers to be made efficiently and effectively. Designed to be used with a standard arbor press, you can easily make several primer cups to use in your cartridges. The kit includes instructions on how to operate the die and how to produce small primer cups properly. Infinity Primers / Sharpshooter LLC suggests using galvanized roof flashing of 17/1000s thickness for the best results. They strongly advise against using non-galvanized metal flashing or thinner flashing as it may result in poor results and/or dangerous outcomes.

Why waste money on unnecessarily expensive retail ammo when you can perfect and craft your own? With this kit, you'll not only be able to cut the cost on primers and ammo by making the cups yourself but you'll also be prepared for a worst-case scenario or ammo shortage should you need ammo. Don't wait, buy the Infinity Primers Small Primer Cup Maker today!

WARNING: As you are the producer of the finished primer, Davidson Defense, and its affiliates bear no responsibility for the function or performance of the primer or its application in the loaded round of ammunition that may be produced. Infinity Primers / Sharpshooter products (the makers of this product) have thoroughly tested the tools, processes, and materials in this kit and have found them to be safe when used properly. However, any misuse, improper handling, or general manufacturing of the primer or primer cup and any injuries or complications that arise from said manufacturing and handling are not the responsibility of Davidson Defense and its affiliates. Primer manufacturing and dealing with the processes and materials of primer manufacturing as well as the use of such primers in any purpose or role is inherently dangerous and it is the sole liability and responsibility of the person who manufactures them to use them safely and in accordance with state and federal laws.

Note from Infinity Primers / Sharpshooter LLC: "Specifically, your choice of materials for the production of the primer cup will impact the ability of the loaded round to operate safely and reliably at a given pressure. We have found galvanized roof flashing to be effective in this role but our testing has also found it to operate safely and effectively at approximately 70% of the maximum average Pressure (MAP) of the intended cartridge. There are other materials available which may allow you to operate with higher pressures but take great care in your research and load development."


Brand: Infinity Primers
Model: Small Primer Cup Maker, Includes Instructions
Compatibility: Small Primers
Type: Small Primer Cup Maker

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