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Hogue AR-15 15 Degree Black Grip
Hogue AR-15 15 Degree Black Grip

Hogue AR-15 15 Degree Black Grip

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Hogue AR-15 15-degree Black Grip


Unlock advanced comfort and enhanced control with the Hogue AR-15 15 Degree Black Grip, expertly constructed from durable polymer. Featuring Hogue's Cobblestoneâ„¢ texture for improved grip, a thumb dish for improved indexing, and a reduced grip angle for a more ergonomic and tactical grip style, this grip is designed to be a phenomenal addition to your build.

Optimized 15 Degree Grip Angle for Tactical Advantage:
Strategically engineered with a reduced 15-degree grip angle, this AR-15 grip provides a distinct advantage in close-quarters engagements. Experience improved maneuverability and a natural, ergonomic feel that enhances your performance in dynamic scenarios.

Unique Texture for Superior Grip:
Take control with Hogue's signature Cobblestoneâ„¢ grip texture. This innovative design ensures a secure and comfortable hold, promoting confidence and stability during every shot. The grip's texture not only enhances control but also minimizes hand fatigue for extended shooting sessions.

Thumb Dish for Precise Indexing:
Designed with precision in mind, the Hogue AR-15 Grip features a thumb dish for more positive indexing. This thoughtful addition ensures that your hand naturally aligns with the grip, providing consistent and accurate shot placement. Enjoy the confidence that comes with swift and precise firearm control.

Versatile Compatibility for AR-15/M-16 and AR-10/LR-308:
Tailored to meet the demands of AR-15/M-16 enthusiasts, this grip goes the extra mile by offering compatibility with most AR-10/LR-308 lowers. Enjoy the flexibility to customize your firearm setup without compromising on performance or comfort.

Durable Polymer Construction:
Built to withstand the rigors of intense use, the Hogue AR-15 15 15-degree black Grip is constructed from high-quality polymer. This material not only ensures durability but also contributes to the grip's lightweight and resilient nature, making it an ideal choice for discerning firearm enthusiasts.

Why Choose the Hogue AR-15 15-Degree Black Grip?
The Hogue AR-15 15 Degree Black Grip is a game-changer for firearm enthusiasts seeking optimal comfort, control, and versatility. Whether you're navigating tight spaces or honing your long-range precision, this grip's thoughtful design, quality construction, and polymer durability make it a must-have for AR-15/M-16 owners. Elevate your shooting experience with Hogue – where innovation meets performance.


Brand: Hogue
Model: AR-15 15 Degree Black Grip
Material: Polymer
Grip Texture: Synthetic, Stippled
Color: Black

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