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Guntec AR-15 15
Guntec AR-15 15' Honeycomb Air Lite MLOK Handguard - Anodized Grey

Guntec AR-15 15" Honeycomb Air Lite MLOK Handguard - Anodized Grey

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Guntec AR-15 15" Honeycomb Air Lite MLOK Handguard - Anodized Grey

A handguard is the most functional and unique part of any AR-15 build. Freefloat handguards offer an incredible reduction in weight and include many features such as mounting systems M-Lok/Keymod or both! Having the barrel in a free-floating handguard allows you to retain zero and have an increased level of accuracy. And having the ability to add grips, laser systems, lights, and bipods will further increase the capability of your next build.

It is recommended that the handguard completely cover the gas system of the AR-15 so please consider your gas system length when shopping for a handguard. If you wish to buy a pre-designed upper build kit equipped with a handguard please visit our AR-15 & LR-308 Upper Build Kits page.

About this Handguard: One of the best-selling handguard designs is now available in anodized gray! This USA-made handguard is perfect for adding accents to a build without getting too crazy. It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum which increases the overall durability. The honeycomb design helps make this handguard lightweight while maintaining its toughness.

Mounting System: M-Lok - The 15" AirLite Series "Honeycomb" is equipped with an M-Lok mounting system for quickly attaching and securing extra accessories and equipment to your build.

Cuts: The Handguard features a hex-style design to decrease weight and improve handling.

Barrel Nut: The 15" AirLite Series "Honeycomb" Handguard comes with a high-quality steel barrel nut and mounting hardware.

Finish: To maintain corrosion resistance the 15" AirLite Series "Honeycomb" Freefloat Handguard is treated with a Type 3 hard coat anodizing.

Profile: The 15" AirLite Series "Honeycomb" Freefloat Handguard was created with the shooter in mind. For this reason, the 15" AirLite Series "Honeycomb" Handguard was created with a slim profile for shooters looking for a comfortable lightweight foreend.

Includes: Mounting System, Handguard, Barrel Nut.

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