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Gun Butter Trigger & Locking Lug Grease - 15 cc
Gun Butter Trigger & Locking Lug Grease - 15 cc

Gun Butter Trigger & Locking Lug Grease - 15 cc

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Gun Butter Trigger & Locking Lug Grease - 15 cc


A protective grease that's smooth as butter!

Keep your AR running buttery smooth with the Gun Butter Trigger and Locking Lug Grease - a synthetically designed lubricant to keep your firearm reliable and protected. Engineered to be water, dust, and carbon resistant and paired with its syringe-style design, this grease makes taking care of your firearm incredibly easy. Great for competition-level shooting, keeping your firearm reliable for self-defense, or just guarding against wear and tear, you'll be able to perform at your best knowing that Gun Butter has your back.

Improved Reliability and Protection:
Your AR heavily depends on making sure each component works flawlessly and in harmony with each other. That's why this grease is designed to target the locking lug, sear, and hammer - making sure every pull of the trigger and every round cycled is as smooth as it gets. Beyond the incredible lubrication that this grease offers, it also protects against wear and corrosion. Specially designed with a synthetic formula, this grease is not only water and carbon-resistant but also protects against corrosion for up to 2 years. Make sure you keep your firearm in prime condition - whether you need it for a match-level competition or to keep yourself protected.

Syringe Style Design:
Say goodbye to the days of messy applications and cumbersome disassemblies. The Gun Butter syringe-style design revolutionizes your maintenance routine, effortlessly reaching the elusive nooks and crannies of your firearm. Easy to handle, it allows you to deliver the perfect dose of lubrication without the mess, ensuring your AR stays in peak condition with minimal effort.

Why Choose Gun Butter Trigger and Locking Lug Grease?
Your AR deserves the best, and Gun Butter delivers. Choose a lubricant that goes beyond the basics, offering precision application and unmatched protection. With the syringe-style design ensuring no nook or cranny is left untouched, your firearm will operate smoother, last longer, and be ready for whatever challenges you throw its way. Elevate your AR maintenance routine—choose Gun Butter Trigger and Locking Lug Grease. Because when precision matters, your lubricant should match. Secure yours today and keep your AR in peak condition.


Brand: Gun Butter
Model: Trigger & Locking Lug Grease - 15 cc

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