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Gun Butter Complete Firearm Lubricant 2/3 fl. oz. Bottle
Gun Butter Complete Firearm Lubricant 2/3 fl. oz. Bottle

Gun Butter Complete Firearm Lubricant 2/3 fl. oz. Bottle

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Gun Butter Complete Firearm Lubricant 2/3 fl. oz. Bottle


An easy-to-apply lubricant that keeps your firearm pristine!

Keep your firearm performing at its best with Gun Butter Complete Firearm Lubricant—a game-changer in the world of firearm maintenance. This 2/3 fl. oz. bottle is more than just a lubricant; it's a precision-engineered solution that transforms your firearm into a well-oiled masterpiece, ready to perform reliably in any condition.

Improved Reliability:
Your firearm deserves the best, and Gun Butter delivers unparalleled performance. This lubricant goes beyond the surface, penetrating critical components to ensure every mechanism operates with seamless precision. No matter what component it is, you can make sure your firearm functions flawlessly - ensuring it's ready to go no matter what.

Guardian Against the Elements:
Adaptable to the harshest environments, Gun Butter stands as a shield against the elements. Its dirt, water, and dust-resistant properties create a protective barrier that not only enhances your firearm functionality in any scenario but also safeguards against the corrosion and wear of everyday use. Your firearm is not just a tool; it's an investment, and Gun Butter ensures it stays in pristine condition.

Easy Application:
Say goodbye to the frustration of lubricating hard-to-reach areas. The Gun Butter bottle with a needle applicator revolutionizes your maintenance routine. This convenient design allows you to pinpoint lubrication exactly where it's needed, effortlessly navigating tight spaces without wasteful spills. Maintain your firearm with surgical precision, ensuring it's always ready for action.

Why Choose Gun Butter Complete Firearm Lubricant?
In a world where precision matters, Gun Butter proves its worth. Elevate your shooting experience with a lubricant that goes beyond the basics, providing reliability, protection, and ease of use. Whether it is keeping your firearm primed and ready for competition, a day at the range, or self-defense, Gun Butter will stand ready and keep your guns performing at their best.


Brand: Gun Butter
Model: Complete Firearm Lubricant 2/3 fl. oz. Bottle

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