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FosTech Sabre AR15 Grip, Black
FosTech Sabre AR15 Grip, Black

FosTech Sabre AR15 Grip, Black

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FosTech Sabre AR-15 Grip, Black

AR-15 pistol grips are a simple upgrade to your existing A2-style grip. Aftermarket grips can be skeletonized, and feature beaver tails, extra storage compartments, or even palm rests! Depending on your next build or upgrade you can find just about anything you would want! The grip contains a critical component to the function of your lower receiver beyond just ergonomics. The pistol grip houses a spring that applies pressure against your fire selector, making a tactile 'click' when you switch from safe to fire. Thanks to part interchangeability between the AR-15 and DPMS LR-308 platform, AR-15 grips can be used on both AR-10 and AR-15 lower receivers.

About this Pistol Grip: This USA-made FosTech Sabre AR-15 Grip is made from reinforced polymer with an over-molded rubberized exterior. The textured rubber and grooves help to provide a sturdy, secure grip and the extended beavertail allows for a higher hold. It features a hinged storage compartment that can be accessed without tools.

Material: The FosTech Sabre Pistol Grip is made out of polymer for reliability, impact resistance, weight savings, and comfort during use.

Texture: This grip uses rubber over-molding and grooves to provide extra grip for users in both wet and dry scenarios.

Color / Finish: Original Polymer Black

Brand: FosTech
Model: Sabre AR-15 Grip, Black
Material: Glass Filled Polymer
Grip Texture: Rubber Coated, Grooved
Beaver Tail: Yes
Interated Trigger Guard: No
Storage Compartment: Yes
Color: Black
Palm Rest: No
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