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Faxon Firearms  16'' 8.6 BLK AR-10 Barrel, 1:3 Nitride , M18x1.5 Thread
Faxon Firearms 16'' 8.6 BLK AR-10 Barrel, 1:3 Nitride , M18x1.5 Thread

Faxon Firearms 16'' 8.6 BLK AR-10 Barrel, 1:3 Nitride , M18x1.5 Thread

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Faxon Firearms AR-10 16" Big Gunner 8.6BLK, Carbine Gas, 1:3T Nitride Barrel

General Barrel Info: The barrel on an LR-308 originally operates under a 'gas impingement' system' by tapping gas off of the barrel and cycling it back through the gas system to assist the bolt carrier in unlocking and extracting the spent cartridge. LR-308 Barrels come in four different specifications for gas systems, Pistol, Carbine, Mid-Length, and Rifle. LR-308 Barrels vary between profiles as well as from Government, to Heavy, and Slim. Thanks to the modularity of LR-308, you can choose different calibers starting with the barrel, each with its specific twist rates. Choosing your barrel for your next LR-308 build has never been easier.

Brand Info: Faxon Firearms engineers and manufactures complete upper receivers that will fit any mil-spec AR-15 lower platform. We are intensely focused on providing a new and innovative upper that will set the standard for the rest of the industry. Faxon Machining is ISO accredited and can put over 100 years of machining experience with its experienced staff, operators, and engineers. Faxon Machining has machined more than 30,000,000 parts, has performed more than 6,500,000 hours of machining, and has more than 125,000 hours of engineering services for customers. Some of the company’s machined parts have gone into the most complex, expensive, and risk intense mechanical systems ever devised. Throughout the years, Faxon Machining, with extensive certifications and world-class performances has earned its way to working with world-class customers. This has resulted in providing parts used on the ocean floor, for the oil industry, in theaters of combat protecting our warfighters, in the cars you drive, in the aircraft you fly in, on the Space Station, and now on Mars. Now all of this experience and capability have been focused on providing a unique and innovative upper receiver for the AR-15 platform."

About This Barrel: This barrel from Faxon Firearms is chambered in 8.6 Blackout which channels rotational energy to increase energy on-target. These barrels have been air-gauge and MPI tested to ensure accuracy and reliability. It is machined from 4150 CMV with a salt bath nitride finish to make it durable. It has a big gunner profile and operates on a carbine gas system.

About the Profile: Gunner - The Gunner profile is a blend of two of the best performing profiles of all time, Gov't and Pencil. Faxon's Gunner profile combines the durability of the Gov't profile with the weight savings and maneuverability of the Pencil profile. The Gunner profile brings the balance of the rifle back towards the shooter's body, limiting fatigue, and allowing for shooting, training, or hunting all day long.

Barrel Classification: Rifle

Length: This Barrel is designated as a rifle barrel with an overall 16" length.

Caliber: 8.6 Blackout was developed by Kevin Brittingham and his team at Q. It is often referred to as 300 Blackouts big brother and it's easy to see why. What 300BLK provided to the AR-15 platform, 8.6BLK does for AR-10s. The parent case being 6.5 Creedmoor, 8.6BLK is trimmed down and necked up for a .338 projectile. Heavier mass means more energy transfer on target. Barrels are being run with a fast 1:3 twist, creating devastating terminal performance.

Material: 4150 CrMoV - Chrome-Moly Vanadium, or simply "CMV", is the official mil-spec gun steel developed by Colt Firearms for the military-issued M16 and M4. It contains the same elements as 4150 steel. It also contains Vanadium. Vanadium significantly increases the strength, hardness, and high-temperature stability of the steel.

Finish: Nitride - Nitriding is a process during manufacturing that diffuses nitrogen into the steel to make a case-hardened surface for improved resistance and strength. A Nitrided barrel typically has a gloss black texture.

Thread Pitch: M18x1.5

Brand: Faxon Firearms
Model: 16" Big Gunner 8.6BLK, Carbine Gas, 1:3T, 4150 CMV, Nitride, AR10 Platform, .875" Gas Block Journal, M18x1.5
Platform: LR-308/AR-10
Classification: Rifle
Caliber: 8.6 BLK
Length: 16
Handguard Compatibility: Freefloat
Gas Block Shelf: 0.875
Gas Length: Carbine
Profile: Big Gunner
Twist Rate: 1:3T
Finish: Nitride
Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
Thread Pitch: M18x1.5
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