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ELD Performance G43 Slide Parts Kit Metal Guide Rod
ELD Performance G43 Slide Parts Kit Metal Guide Rod

ELD Performance G43 Slide Parts Kit Metal Guide Rod

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ELD Performance G43 Slide Parts Kit Metal Guide Rod


A phenomenal G43 slide parts kit with a metal guide rod!

Create the perfect sidearm with the ELD Performance G43-compatible Slide Parts Kit With a Metal Guide Rod. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this kit boasts a metal guide rod that significantly extends the life and reliability of your sidearm while the Glock 43 gen 1-3 compatibility opens the door to a world of customization. Great for self-defense sidearms, building out a handgun from the ground up, or having on hand as a backup, this slide parts kit comes with everything you need to kick off the start of an incredible Glock 43

Built to Last:
The core of this kit is the metal guide rod, meticulously designed for longevity and performance. Say goodbye to standard guide rods, as the metal construction ensures unparalleled durability, making your Glock 43 a reliable companion for countless rounds. Experience enhanced reliability that withstands the demands of any shooting scenario.

Glock 43 Gen 1-3 Compatibility:
The ELD Performance Slide Parts Kit is tailor-made for Glock 43 gen 1-3, offering compatibility that allows you to unlock the full potential of your sidearm. Dive into the world of customization, where a plethora of aftermarket upgrades and accessories await. Personalize your Glock 43 to suit your preferences and shooting style, creating a sidearm that stands out from the rest.

Benefits of the Glock 43 Platform:
The Glock 43, known for its incredible self-defense capabilities, provides the perfect foundation for your customized sidearm. Its compact and easily concealable design makes it an ideal choice for everyday carry. Trust in the Glock 43's reputation for reliability, accuracy, and ease of use—qualities that make it a top-tier option for those prioritizing personal safety.

The ELD Performance G43 Slide Parts Kit Metal Guide Rod is the key to elevating your Glock 43 to unmatched reliability and customization. With a metal guide rod, Glock 43 gen 1-3 compatibility, and the inherent benefits of the Glock 43 platform, this kit empowers you to create a sidearm that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Upgrade your Glock 43 experience with ELD Performance


Brand: ELD Performance
Model: G43 Slide Parts Kit Metal Guide Rod
Kit Type: Slide Parts Kit
Includes Guide Rod & Spring: Yes
Gen Compatibility: 3
Model Compatibility: G43

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