Ejection Port Door - Laser Engraved "Make America Great Again" NEW!

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Customize your rifle with this laser engraved ejection port door cover assembly. 
Engraved on both inside & outside of door.

Made From High-quality mil-spec parts from a US maker. 
Includes cover door, hinge pin, spring, and snap ring. 

This door looks awesome with the historic phrase "Make America Great Again" and the American flag. The picture does not do it justice but the whole door  is covered on both sides it has this almost colored look on them that comes from intense heat from the yag laser these were engraved

with making this flag door look very very cool most engravers use a co2 laser and do not get the amount of heat that adds its own color to the doors like the yag laser does anyways this one is one of the coolest looking of the doors

we carry.