Diamond Back Ar-15 M4 Stripped In the White Forged Upper Receiver

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Diamondback Ar-15 M4 Stripped In the White Forged Upper Receiver

AR15 A3 Upper Receiver with M4 Feed Ramps, made from 7075-T6 Alum Forging; these Uppers do have Forward Assist and Dust Cover Capabilities. In the White-Less Anodized

Great for Cera Coating Duracoat your choice of color & or Polish up to do a bling silver gun

Diamondback is a major gun mfg that makes great firearms and now you can own this upper and make your work of art
7075 Aluminum so no anodzation is needed you can shoot raw

6061 uppers have to be anodized or they will have excess ware so make sure that if you buy an upper and shoot raw its made from 7075 T6 aluminum
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