DI Enhanced AR Pistol Grip - Black by Trinity Force -Sticky Grip

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 DI Slim AR Pistol Grip - Black by Trinity Force


DI Slim Grip (Black)

The DI Slim Pistol Grip is double injected for improved comfort and traction. 

Designed for the AR platform, this grip provides a slightly reduced grip angle for improved weapon leverage in close to long range applications, and a more positive contact when firing. 

This grip is designed to be used with rifles that feature a medium-to-extended length of pull.


- Direct Replacement for AR-15/M4 pistol-grip

- One-piece reinforced polymer construction

- Beavertail backstrap for improved ergonomics


Additional Information

Weight (oz) 3.6

Width (in) 3.16

Length (in) 4.37

Material  High-Density Polymer/Rubber

Color  Black