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Davidson Defense AR-15 5.56 Complete Bolt Carrier Group Slabside

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Davidson Defense AR-15 5.56 
Slabside Complete Bolt Carrier Group
The Slabside is a nice design where the side has flat sides to give your rifle that nice look and also function flawlessly.
AR-15/M16 Davidson Defense Complete Melonite Nitride bolt carrier group BCG Super high quality made of 9310 steel then nitride at the world class facility H&M then mpi hpt inspected for extreme safety making this one one of the highest quality BCG made standard profile.
So what is the difference between this carrier and the others we carry this bolt carrier group has less machine marks much cleaner machining every bolt head is HPT & MPI tested not one out of 100 like most companies do the finish is a real nitride matte finish very uniform and properly prepped so most of the carriers on the market and the extractor is fully machined from billet stock not cast mim for unfailing firing even up to 35,000 without extractor change Most extractors on the market are mim Cast and are only good for 5,000 to 10,000 max
m-16 firing pin stainless steel properly hardened this one may cost a tad more but worth it. 


  •       Durability
  •       Lubricity
  •       Corrosive Resistance
  •       Carbon Resistance
  •       Extreme Metal hardness 85-90 Rockwell


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