Davidson Defense AR-15 16 Inch H-Bar 7.62X39 Enhanced Barrel Phosphate Finish

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Davidson Defense AR-15 16 Inch H-Bar 7.62X39 Barrel

Made Using a E.R Shaw Barrel Blanks

Machined & Chambered By Davidson Defense

This Is a High Quality Davidson Defense Barrel Features Numerous and unique features A Specialized Chambering taken from real Russian AK-47 blueprints Rather than the sammi spec so your surplus ammo will run in this barrel unlike most that go from the sammi prints that are to tight for surplus ammo.

Davidson Defense spent months looking for the certified prints, Testing and More Testing to come up with the perfect chambering.

So you can shoot the cheaper Wolf,WPA Yugo,silver bear,herters,Ulyanovsk,Prvi Partizan,Barnaul,(East German (dark red),Chinese steel core on stripper clips that is coated.  And More Brands Ammunition function flawlessly.

 This is the optimum barrel design possible every aspect and has been mimicked to the standards of the Ak-47 but designed for the Ar-15 platform  enhanced so that every style good surplus and new mfg factory usa made 7.62x39 ammo works with it shooting flawless.

Manufacturer:  E.R Shaw Blank, Turning and contour & chambering by davidson defense


Chamber: 7.62x39 

Contour: H-Bar

Fluted: No

Length: 16"

Twist Rate: 1:10

Gas System: Carbine

Diameter at Gas Port:.750

Thread Pitch: 5/8x24

Feed Ramps: M4

Material: 4150 CMVS

Finish: Magnesium Phosphate

Process: Button Rifled

Extension: M4

Assembly: Stripped

Weight: 32.5oz

Every barrel is magnetic particle inspected MPI.

Chambered for 7.62X39

Two stage lapped 400grit and 800grit for super accuracy. 

M4 feed Ramps, Enhanced Wider for 7.62x39 

( Use of lacquer coated ammunition like brown bear, Golden Tiger is not recommended where the lacquer melts like glue and fouls the chamber of most all semi auto guns badly so do not use unless you like cleaning for an hour).