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CMMG, Magazine, .458 SOCOM, 10Rd, Black Finish
CMMG, Magazine, .458 SOCOM, 10Rd, Black Finish

CMMG, Magazine, .458 SOCOM, 10Rd, Black Finish

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Lancer Systems CMMG


Unshackle the beast with the CMMG .458 SOCOM Magazine, a sleek and rugged companion designed for those who demand power and precision. With a generous 10-round capacity and a stealthy black finish, it's your go-to for dominating the field or range with authority and style.

Designed specifically for the powerful .458 SOCOM caliber and compatible with the CMMG MKW-15 rifle, the CMMG Magazine delivers reliability and performance. This magazine is a modified version of the renowned Lancer L5-AWM, perfected by CMMG to accommodate various .458 SOCOM cartridges without compromising the integrity of its steel feed lips. Laser-engraved for easy identification, it features a 10-round capacity and a rugged exterior with ribs and stippling for a secure grip, allowing for usability even in adverse conditions.

Advanced Polymer and Steel Construction:
Combining durable polymer construction with wrap-around steel feed lips, the CMMG MKW-15 .458 SOCOM Magazine grants robustness and longevity. The polymer body provides lightweight yet impact-resistant performance, while the steel feed lips maintain structural integrity under heavy use. An anti-tilt follower made of polymer improves smooth ammunition feeding, crucial for maintaining shooting accuracy and reliability in dynamic environments.

Precision Engineering for Superior Functionality:
Manufactured by Lancer and modified by CMMG, this magazine undergoes rigorous testing to provide seamless compatibility and performance with the .458 SOCOM caliber. The stainless steel spring wire provides consistent tension for reliable feeding, complementing the magazine's overall design aimed at optimizing functionality. With its black finish and ergonomic design, the CMMG MKW-15 .458 SOCOM Magazine stands out as a reliable choice for shooters seeking precision and durability in their firearm accessories.

Why Choose the CMMG MKW-15 .458 SOCOM Magazine?
Choose the CMMG MKW-15 .458 SOCOM Magazine for its exceptional craftsmanship and specialized design tailored for .458 SOCOM rifles. Perfectly balancing durability, performance, and ease of use, this magazine is ideal for both recreational shooting and professional applications. Elevate your shooting experience with CMMG's innovation and reliability, providing confidence with every shot fired.


Brand: Lancer Systems
Model: CMMG
Caliber Compatibility: .458 SOCOM
Capacity: 10
Platform Compatibility AR-15
Feed Lips: Steel Reinforced
Follower Color: Black
Construction: Polymer

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