Buffer Tube Ambi Sling Mount Dual Sling End Plate Drop In Install

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Buffer Tube Sling Mount


Put an sling mount on your buffer tube without removing your castle nut or endplate

Ez install and it works very well.

Better than the conventional endplate sling mounts

It holds super tight and in seconds it installs with ease

No more marred up castle nuts or lost parts while installing an endplate

Just Drop in this mount and attach a sling and you are ready to go.

Fit all stock tubes & 4 or 6 position stocks

Adjustable Ring diameter that can fit mil-spec or commercial stock tubes



Weight (net): (0.6 ounce)
Ring length: (0.47 inch)
Loop size: (0.43x0.31 inch)
Dual loop design
Material: high quality 6061 t6 Aluminum Alloy
Use supplied Allen wrench for install