AR-15 M4 X-Defense Push Button Safety Made In the USA

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AR-15 M4  X-Defense Push Button Safety Made In the USA
This design is the fastest safety selector to engage and disengage your Ar-15s safety available,  Easy operation  with no shifting of the shooters  hand.
Quickly install this in your rifle from the old design to this new proven and time tested safety that has been used for years in shotguns and thousands of other gun types now avail for your Ar-15 now it will be a simple push of a button.
  • Rapid Engagement for  On & Off
  • Full Ambidextrous Use
  • Made From 4150 Ordnance Steel
  • Black Phosphate
  • Compatible With All Ar Lowers
  • Includes Stainless Detent & Tension Spring
  • Heavy Duty Nitrile O-ring
  • The Original X-Defense Safety (not the cheap online copies)