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Air Blast Caps 60/90 PSI Soda and Water Bottle Reactive Target Conversion Kit
Air Blast Caps 60/90 PSI Soda and Water Bottle Reactive Target Conversion Kit

Air Blast Caps 60/90 PSI Soda and Water Bottle Reactive Target Conversion Kit

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Air Blast Cap


Cost-effective, reusable, and reactive bottle-blasting caps for a fun range day!

Spice up your range day and make it interesting again with the Air Blast Caps for Soda and Water bottles - reactive targets that are both inexpensive and satisfying to shoot! Compatible with nearly any standard soda and water bottles, all these blast caps require is that you screw it onto the bottle lid and fill it to the recommended PSI with a bike pump. Incredibly satisfying to shoot and with its reusable design, as long as you have a spare bottle, you'll be able to see and hear the results of your shots - making them great for taking your kids to the range or for an interactive target that makes it easy to confirm your hits.

Satisfying Pop:
These bottles work with both standard soda and water bottles and provide a satisfying pop when shot. For added effect, you can use the existing soda or water in the bottle or use powders such as flour, cornstarch, or dirt to make it more exciting. Since the bottles explode when impacted by a round, these blasting caps make it incredibly useful for longer-range shooting or rapid target transition as they give you audio and visual confirmation when you hit your target. This also makes it great for shooting with friends or your kids, as it is both entertaining and much more exciting than shooting standard paper targets.

Works with Any Weapon:
Whether you have an AR-15 or a pellet gun, these blasting caps convert your bottles into targets that can be shot with anything from a bow or a sling to a .308. We do however recommend at least a strong pellet gun or a .22 LR or larger caliber to ensure both reliability and a satisfying result.

Easy to Use:
Simply screw on this cap in place of the original cap and fill it with air to the recommended PSI (for water bottles up to 60 PSI, for soda bottles up to 90 PSI). We also recommend tying a string to the blasting cap and a nearby object so that the blasting cap does not fly off and can easily be found again. Once you've finished with that you're good to walk back up range and shoot the bottles. Furthermore, these blasting caps are reusable and can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced. Meaning you can enjoy a fun day at the range all while not having to worry about limiting your fun.

Why Buy the Air Blast Caps?
Great for making your range days less boring, a family shooting excursion, or just making your targets reactive for enhanced visual confirmation, you will no doubt enjoy the Air Blasting Caps. Between its compatibility with both water and soda bottles, as well as its reusable design, these basting caps will help you have a great day at the range. Whether you're training or shooting for fun, make sure you take the Air Blasting Caps along with you next time you head to the range.


Model: Air Blast Cap
Compatibility: Soda and Water Bottles
Type: Reactive Target Conversion Kit

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