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ACCU-Wedge Upper Receiver Tightening Wedge
ACCU-Wedge Upper Receiver Tightening Wedge

ACCU-Wedge Upper Receiver Tightening Wedge

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ACCU-Wedge Upper Receiver Tightening Wedge


A simple yet highly effective receiver wedge

In the world of tactical gear and firearms, precision is paramount. That's where the ACCU-Wedge Upper Receiver Tightening Wedge comes into play. This simple yet highly effective accessory is designed to eliminate any play or wiggle between your AR-15 upper and lower receivers, delivering a host of advantages that any discerning shooter can appreciate. From aligning your upper and lower receiver, eliminating distracting slop, and making your build look a bit more professional, this accessory is a must-have, especially when merging two different brands of receivers or using forged receivers that aren't machined to exact tolerances.

Snug, Silent, and Functional:
Picture this – you're out on the range, focused on your target, and the last thing you need is the distracting rattle or wobble between your upper and lower receivers. The ACCU-Wedge is your solution. It locks down that unwanted play and, in turn, reduces noise, aligns the upper receiver precisely, and ensures smooth, uninterrupted cycling. Say goodbye to annoying slop that can compromise your firearm's functionality and overall professionalism.

Lightweight and Unobtrusive:
We understand that every ounce counts, especially in the shooting world where just a little bit of extra weight can make a huge difference. That's why the ACCU-Wedge is crafted from lightweight yet durable rubber. This material provides a snug fit, eliminating any excess movement, without adding unnecessary weight to your AR-15. It's designed to remain unobtrusive, seamlessly blending with your firearm's components, ensuring you're agile and ready for action.

Why buy the ACCU-Wedge?:

The ACCU-Wedge Upper Receiver Tightening Wedge is your key to unlocking the full potential of your AR-15. It eliminates play, reduces noise, enhances alignment, and ensures minimal issues due to slop in your receivers. If you're looking to maintain the utmost professionalism in your shooting or simply seeking to improve your AR-15's reliability, this is the accessory for you.


Model: ACCU-Wedge Upper Receiver Tightening Wedge
Platform: AR-15
Material: Rubber

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