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United Defense 9mm 80% lower - Glock Mags

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United Defense 9mm 80% lower - Glock Mags

United Defense's 80% Arms 9mm AR-9 80% lower receivers are machined to the highest quality standards using the most advanced CNC machines in the world. The machines we use are designed to manufacture spacecraft and aerospace parts which require extremely tight tolerances. The end result is the best quality 80% lower receiver on the market.

Product Features:
Accepts Glock magazines
Threaded bolt catch hole
Threaded hole for upper receiver tension adjustment
Mil-spec part compatibility ensures maximum rifle customization
Withstands the harshest punishment from any situation using ultra-tough design, precision machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum for superior strength.
Rear take down lug pocket completed

*Requires 9mm upper and 9mm bolt carrier group. Includes magazine release.
State law prohibits shipping this item to NJ. 

Note: No Last Round Bolt Hold Open

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