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Tactical Gift Box VISM Shoulder Sling Utility Bag - Tan + Black Beard Fire Starter + GS Knife Co. 8
Tactical Gift Box VISM Shoulder Sling Utility Bag - Tan + Black Beard Fire Starter + GS Knife Co. 8' Survival Knife + Head Lamp-3-in-1 - Black

Tactical Gift Box VISM Shoulder Sling Utility Bag - Tan + Black Beard Fire Starter + GS Knife Co. 8" Survival Knife + Head Lamp-3-in-1 - Black

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Tactical Gift Box VISM Shoulder Sling Utility Bag - Tan 
+ Black Beard Fire Starter
+ GS Knife Co. 8" Survival Knife
+ Head Lamp-3-in-1 - Black

VISM Shoulder Sling Utility Bag - Tan 

The VISM Sling Utility Bag was intended to function as the most suitable method to haul your gear. These Carrying Bags through the specialists at VISM is made using incredibly reliable materials to be able to provide you with a travelling bag that can last for years. VISM has been developing top of the range carrying bags for a very long time, and the VISM Sling Utility Bag is the direct outcome of the effort and time they take to ensure that you have the most suitable bag for all of your specifications. Here at Davidson Defense, we have been focused on furnishing you with the exact merchandise that you are searching for, and the VISM Sling Utility Bag is among the many items that we are excited to showcase. If you require a top of the line way to ensure that you have got all the gear you will need, purchase the VISM Sling Utility Bag.

A Single Sling Utility Bag with multiple shouldering options. You can carry the Utility Bag on the front of the body, your back, or at your sides.
"Main compartment (11.0"H X 8.0"W X 3.5"D) has zippered and hook and loop pockets for organizing your everyday gear with a large sewn in hook patch area for placing a hook fastener CCW holster. 11.0"H X 8.0"W X 3.5"D"

A large padded and adjustable shoulder sling provides for a comfortable carrying of the Utility Bag. Shoulder sling has a large 2.25"W plastic quick connect buckle. Adjustable sliders to adjust the sling fit to your body. The shoulder sling terminates with a plastic snap hook to attach to the either right or left side D-ring, so you can carry the Utility bag on either side of your body. Shoulder sling also has an adjustable cross body strap with sliders and a quick connect buckle to secure the Utility Bag close to the body and to reduce swinging. Top mounted Neoprene hand strap 5.25"W with plastic D-rings.

Three front mounted zippered compartments for organizing your gear. Multiple pockets and elastic bands to keep your stuff organized. A strap with a plastic hook for getting to your keys quick and easy. The front top compartment measures 7.25"W X 3.25"H X 1.25"D, the bottom compartment is 7.25"W X 7.0"H X 1.5"D. Front compartments have PALs webbing for attaching additional MOLLE gear. Hook fastener patch area for attaching a patch.

Rear pocket with metal button fastener and with a plastic D-ring. The pocket can be used as a quick access CCW compartment. Inside the pocket it has a large 6.0"W X 5.0"H hook fastener patch section sewn in for attaching hook fastener CCW holster. Rear pocket has a padded rubberized non slip surface and a hook and loop fastener webbing for securing the Utility Bag to your belt. Four rows of PALs webbing on the sides of the Utility Bag for attaching MOLLE accessories to the bag.

Brand: NcStar/Vism
Model: Shoulder Sling Utility Bag
Color: Tan/FDE
Volume: 308 cubic inches
Weight: 20.5 oz
Dimensions:  11.0"H X 8.0"W X 3.5"D
Material: High Durability PVC Fabric
Bag Style:  Sling

Black Beard Fire Starter

Black Beard understands that one of the most important aspects of being outdoors is staying warm! That is why they have hand crafted a fully dried material that is both waterproof,  windproof, and convenient in size and weight! 

One of the best features of our Black Beard Fire Starter is that they do not have an expiration date opened or unopened. Black Beards unique blend will never evaporate, deteriorate or dissipate and is designed to light up every time.  Black Beard Fire Starters are a must have for every backpacker, bug out bag and 72 hour/emergency kit. Throw it in your packs and don't worry about not having a fire again. 

Black Beard starts with fully dried and braided cotton rope and infuse it with our special blend of odorless, non toxic waxes and oils. This treatment process allows Black Beards product to be completely safe to handle while being an extremely efficient and simple fire starting aid. 

Directions for Use:
Cut off desired amount.
Briskly roll fibers in hands.
Separate the fibers and bunch into a ball or nest. 
Use your ferro rod, lighter, electric arc lighter or preferred fire starting device to ignite.
Enjoy your warm fire 

Wind Proof
Water Proof
100 Year Shelf LIfe
50+ Fires From One Stick
Lightweight (65 Grams)
Cut what you need, save the rest.

Note: Knife and Flint Starter Pictured Not Included

GS Knife Co. 8" Survival Knife

Be prepared for the unexpected with our GS KFD1522 8" Survival Knife with a Compass and Survival Kit in a Nylon Pouch. This survival knife has a double serrated side for greater functionality including course and fine cutting or sawing. The blade side is used primarily for cutting and slicing. Hidden under the handle cap is a compass and survival kit that contains the essentials you may need out in the wilderness, including a set of stick matches and fishing hook with string. This knife is stainless steel and comes with a sheath to carry on your belt.

Includes compass and survival kit with nylon pouch
Entire knife is made of durable and lightweight stainless steel, allowing for easy handling
Dimensions: overall 8", blade: 4-3/4", blade thickness: 3 mm, handle: 3-1/4"
Storage compartment contains survival kit
Great to have for multiple uses for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, or any outdoor adventure

Head Lamp-3-in-1 - Black

Rather than holding a flashlight, you can use the FL8201-3BB 3-in-1 COB and LED Headlamp with Adjustable Headband to work and illuminate areas without the hassle, hands-free. This compact sized item is handy to have in case of a blackout or emergency/survival situation. You can take it with you while biking, boating, camping, construction, everyday tasks, hiking, and more. Featuring a 90 degrees head adjustment, our headlamps provide illumination when you need it on your adventure. This product requires (3) AAA batteries, which are not included.

This headlamp has useful buttons with a 3-stage switch: 100 lumens white LED spot light, 150 lumens white COB flood light, and red safety flashing light.
Need a lot of light? The flood light casts a wide beam for close proximity use. The spot light shines a bright focused beam for looking into the distance. The red safety flashing light is great for emergencies and signaling if needed.
There is an adjustable headband for a snug and comfortable fit.
Ideal for hands-free illumination when you need it. Perfect for emergency preparedness, prospecting, working in low-light conditions, night hikes, and other adventures!
Enhance your bug-out-bag with a multi-function hands-free light source that is lightweight, portable, and convenient.

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Tactical Gift Box VISM Shoulder Sling Utility Bag - Tan + Black Beard Fire Starter + GS Knife Co. 8" Survival Knife + Head Lamp-3-in-1 - Black

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