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TF Tactical
TF Tactical 'SPSR' 2.0 Glock Gen 1-3 Compatible Trigger - Black/Black

TF Tactical "SPSR" 2.0 Glock Gen 1-3 Compatible Trigger - Black/Black

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TF Tactical "SPSR" 2.0 Glock Gen 1-3 Compatible Trigger - Black/Black
(Short Pull Short Reset)

Upgrade Your Glock Experience Today: Unleash Precision and Speed with this TF Tactical Short Pull Short Reset Trigger! Elevate your shooting performance to new heights with this premium lighter pound Glock trigger. Experience smoother and more precise trigger pulls, enabling faster follow-up shots and tighter groupings. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a dedicated enthusiast, or someone who values enhanced control and accuracy, this Glock trigger will redefine your shooting prowess. Don't settle for ordinary – step up your game and seize the advantage with the ultimate Glock trigger upgrade.

There are a few key points that all shooters look for in a striker fire pistol trigger: speed, accuracy, consistency, and reliability. The Lightning Tap "SPSR" 2.0 by TF Tactical checks all of the boxes.

The Lighting Tap "SPSR" 2.0 (Short Pull Short Reset) Glock Compatible Trigger by TF Tactical is one of the crispest triggers on the market for any firearm. This trigger is proudly made in the USA. The trigger shoe is machined from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. The Short Pull Short Reset does exactly what the name says, the trigger offers a pull and an even shorter reset. One of the most common complaints about striker fire pistols is the "long creep" to get the trigger to break, the SPSR eliminates that completely.

The TF Tactical SPSRF 'Lightning Tap' 2.0 Flat Trigger is the perfect upgrade for your Glock. This trigger kit features a sleek black and Black color scheme, adding a touch of style to your firearm. The Red billet trigger shoe offers a smooth and comfortable surface for your finger, ensuring a consistent and responsive trigger pull.

The trigger pull weight is approximately 3.5-4 LBS (results vary slightly depending on model and configuration of other parts). The reset for the SPSR 3.5-4mm.

This SPSR 2.0 version is compatible with Glock Gen 1-3 and works with both 17 and 19 platforms (9mm only), and also is compatible with 80% and aftermarket frames like Polymer80.

Brand: TF Tactical
Model: TF Tactical SPSRF 2.0 - Black/Black - Black Billet Trigger Shoe/Black Trigger Safety, with Bar, Glock Compatible
Kit Type: Trigger
Includes Trigger/Trigger Bar: Yes
Model Compatibility: G17/G19
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