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Slip 2000 Deluxe .22/.223 Caliber, 5.56mm Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Kit
Slip 2000 Deluxe .22/.223 Caliber, 5.56mm Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Kit

Slip 2000 Deluxe .22/.223 Caliber, 5.56mm Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Kit

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Slip 2000 Deluxe .22/.223 Caliber, 5.56mm Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Kit

Slip 2000 Proof-Positive Bore Mops are densely packed, 100 % cotton mops that can be used to apply cleaners and oils to the bore or for polishing and drying the bore. Made with attention to quality and detail these mops are a must have in every shooter's range box. All mops feature non brass cores and threads to prevent any false indication of copper fouling during use with copper removing chemicals.

Slip2000 Bronze Bore Brushes are known as being the finest in the industry and set the standard for all other phosphor bronze brushes. This is due to the superior construction and engineered features incorporated into each and every brush.

Each 100% barrel safe, double wound bore brush core has a looped end eliminating the sharp cut ends found on many other low quality brushes. This attention to detail along with aircraft grade aluminum studs are all necessary to produce an effective, long lasting, high quality phosphor bronze bore brush for your rifle.

(1) 4-Piece Rod
(1) Metal Swivel Rod Handle
(1) Muzzle Guard
(1) Double-Ended Nylon Brush
(1) Pack of Woolen Felts
(1) .22 cal. Bronze Rifle Brush
(1) .22 cal. Bronze Chamber Brush
(1) .22 cal. Rifle Mop
(1) .22 cal. Brass Jag
(1) .22 cal. Patch Holder
(1) 1 oz. Slip2000 EWL Lubricant 

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