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Warranty and Return Policy

For any issues with your order, (Missing, Damaged, and/or broken Products) you must notify Customer Service via email at [email protected] with your order number as the subject line, within 48 hours of your package being delivered. Please include photos of the damaged/broken product in your email. If you are missing products, please include photos of your packaging. If your package is damaged, DO NOT DISCARD IT. The package may need to be presented to the carrier by the customer for inspection. IF the package is discarded, we may not be able to make a claim or reimburse the customer. If Customer Service is not notified within 48 hours of the package being delivered, replacements may not be made or compensation may not be issued. For Builds, please see the Warranty Policy for Assembled Uppers below.

Davidson Defense offers a 30 day return, refund and exchange policy. You must email or call Davidson Defense and obtain an RMA number prior to any return, refund, or exchange. All returns must include the original order number, receipt or invoice, along with the billing address, shipping address, contact phone numbers, contact emails, and RMA number. Returns, refunds, and exchanges may take up to two weeks, not including transit times, for processing after we receive it. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the returning party, with the exception of the wrong item being received or on warranty exchange during the first 30 days after delivery. Items returned for warranty will only be replaced or exchanged, not refunded.

After 30 days from delivery, returns on items that are unused and in the original packaging, ready for resale, will be accepted, subject to a 15% restocking fee for up to 60 days. If the product packaging has been written on, opened or damaged or the product is damaged, installed or used, the item will be rejected or subject to a 25% restocking fee. This includes taping the original box or packaging or not returning the item with outside wrapping to protect original boxes or packaging or parts, accessories and instructions. The return must include ALL items that were shipped with the product. Shipping charges and/or shipping costs are not subject to refunds. Products not subject to returns include custom configured products, used products, special orders, and items sold "as is" "no returns" or "used". No items may be returned after 60 days for refund or credit. Refunds will be made against the original credit card used for payment. If the original credit card is no longer valid, an alternative form of payment will be made.

All Items being returned for warranty exchange must follow the above policy in regards to obtaining an RMA number, information requirements etc. Davidson Defense will issue a postage paid return label only for warranty returns within the first 30 days after delivery. On items returned for warranty after 30 days, shipping costs must be paid by the returning party and a check or money order for return shipping of $10.00 must accompany items being returned for warranty for return shipping costs. We have a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship in parts that are NOT considered normal wear type items. Those normal wear items include things that are normally replaced periodically or that will wear out during normal use such as firing pins, extractors, barrels and other parts that are expected to wear as they are used. Warranty does NOT include ANY part that has been modified, abused, disassembled or altered in any fashion. This includes modifying for install, painting, abuse, or taking items apart including those that are not normally user serviceable beyond normal field stripping, such as scopes, sights and barreled uppers. Using loktite or other thread locking compounds, or using non-standard gunsmithing tools such as a pipe wrench on parts automatically voids the warranty on those parts. Warranty covers defects in manufacturing and materials only and does not include dropping, hitting, abuse, use of non-standard or reloaded ammunition, parts illegally modified and damage incurred by the user on installation, modification or building or damage caused by the ammunition.

Warranty Policy for Assembled Upper Builds

For any assembled upper builds that arrive with blemishes/cosmetic defects on the inside of the product that do not affect the functionality of the product, a partial refund may be issued depending on the severity of the blemish/cosmetic defect. The severity of any and all blemishes/cosmetic defects will be determined by Omega Tactical Distribution. The outcome of the decision will typically lean in the customer’s favor. A repair may or may not be authorized depending on the determined severity of the blemish/ cosmetic defect. If the blemish/cosmetic defect is on the visible/outer portion of the assembled upper build, the product may be shipped back to Omega Tactical Distribution for a cosmetic repair which may involve replacing the damaged product or fixing the blemish/cosmetic defect. Repair/replacement of the blemished/cosmetically defective products depends on the severity and or the location of the blemish/cosmetic defect. The customer must contact Omega Tactical Distribution within 30 days of receiving the product for any sort of compensation on blemished products. This date will be determined by the date on which the tracking number (provided by the carrier/delivery service) of the product states that the product/package was delivered. This date is not negotiable.

For repairs and/or replacements of products with functionality issues, the customer must receive an authorized RMA from Omega Tactical Distribution for the product before shipping it back or the return/package will not be approved for repair and the package will be rejected. If the product has been modified or disassembled in any way without the express written approval of Omega Tactical Distribution, the repair will not be approved. If the product is received and Omega Tactical Distribution determines that it has been disassembled or modified without express permission from Omega Tactical Distribution, the repair will not be approved and the customer will be responsible for paying the return shipping to get the product back. If it has been within 30 days of the customer receiving the product, Omega Tactical Distribution may approve a prepaid return label to be issued to the customer to send the product back for a repair. If it has been more than 30 days since the customer has received the product, the customer will be responsible for paying to ship the product to Omega Tactical Distribution. Before a repair and RMA can be authorized, the customer will be asked to fill out a troubleshooting questionnaire. This must be done before the repair can be authorized.

Shipping Policy

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Some items will ship within 24 hours, others in a couple days, while some may take as many as several weeks (especially custom products). We do our best to ship items out as quickly as possible, so we often get orders out more quickly than is noted by the "Availability" timeframe, but please refer to the tracking number emailed when the order was placed. The method of delivery - our Free shipping method is USPS Priority. Additionally, please note that delivery time is also based on "business" days. For example, if you place an order on Sunday, it's impossible for us to ship an item the same day as all the shippers are closed.

Risk of Loss

All items purchased from Davidson Defense are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.