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Real Avid Smart-Fit AR-15 Vise Block
Real Avid Smart-Fit AR-15 Vise Block

Real Avid Smart-Fit AR-15 Vise Block

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Real Avid Smart-Fit AR-15 Vise Block

No more customizing static blocks, the revolutionary design of the Smart Fitô Vise Block adjusts to fit every AR-15 magazine well out there. The Smart Fit allows you to work on your lower receiver with a solid foundation for changing out buffer tubes or fixed stock receiver extensions. Insert the block into the magazine well and simply rotate the adjustment handle to tighten the fit. This block can also be used with an inverted lower receiver to work on pistol grips or allow easy access to the underside of your AR-15. The included Pivot Lock holds the gun open giving you access to the chamber and barrel for easy cleaning.

The expansion allows you to adjust the vise block to fit into your AR-15ís lower. This means that it will adjust to fit your magwell precisely and will completely eradicate any wobble.

Adjust the Smart-Fit with the adjustment handle to quickly switch between lowers without changing blocks and without sacrificing a quality fit.

The AR-15 Pivot Lock tool connects to the pivot pin to hold your AR-15 open for an incredible cleaning experience.


Fits .223/5.56 AR-15s
Expanding sections custom fit any magwell
Magazine lock
Threaded post adjusts wedge
Oversized edge for precise fit
Knurled texture for improved grip
Adjustment handle
Pivot Lock

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