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Real Avid Level-Right Pro Scope Mounting Level
Real Avid Level-Right Pro Scope Mounting Level

Real Avid Level-Right Pro Scope Mounting Level

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Real Avid Level-Right Pro Scope Mounting Level

A level reticle is critical to long range Accuracy. For longer shots a canted (or unlevel) reticle will pull or push the bullets trajectory off of vertical center. It gets worse the further the distance increases.

A level scope means that the reticle (crosshairs) will be perfectly aligned with the rifle bore. Balancing small levels on a scope turret and gun receivers has been a commonly accepted practice for years. Not only is this a clumsy process, it's wrong.  The turret on most scopes is not perfectly aligned with the reticle (crosshairs), so even if your turret is level to the gun, your scope may not be. Level Right Pro changes all that by simplifying scope alignment in 4 easy steps. Accurate and intuitive, this time saving instrument quickly aligns the actual scope reticle to the horizontal gun plane (regardless of turret alignment), which is key to the long-range accuracy of your rifle. Level-Right Pro helps you quickly and confidently mount a scope for maximum accuracy.

Specifically designed for open barreled (exposed barrel) bolt action and lever action rifles, or rifles with a picatinny top rail handguard.

1. In one easy step, use Level-Right Pro to level the gun and square the scope to the barrel. Then lock it down.
2. Level and lock down Precision Alignment Grid behind the stock and turn on Reticle Light to project the reticle onto the grid.
3. With all components level and locked down, rotate scope tube within loosened rings to align the projected reticle with the Precision Alignment Grid.
4. Tighten ring screws while observing projected reticle on Precision Alignment Grid. Make sure the reticle remains level throughout the process.

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Real Avid Level-Right Pro Scope Mounting Level

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