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NcStar Green Laser & FlashLight Combo Sight All In one
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NcStar Green Laser & FlashLight Combo Sight All In one

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 Nc/Star Green Laser Flashlight Combo


Finally a Green Laser Flashlight All In One Combo that works great and for a price that does not break the bank. 

This combo is one of the brightest laser combos on the market


With a super bright 5Mw green laser that is reliable and can be used outside in normal day light to around 50 yards and at night in excess of 2500 yards .

With a True Lumen Rated 150 lumen Cree powered light



Built in Toggle Selector Switch for changing from laser to laser and light to just light at a flick of the switch.

 The unit has a tactical quick on and off butterfly switch for rapid turning of the unit on and off.

Light and green laser can be used at the same time !!!


This combo is backed by one of the best warrantys in the business By Nc/star and Us !!


This combo fits all the pistols below:

Glock,17,19,20,21,23,30,35 All Glocks that have a rail !!


SpringField  Xd Xdm and the Xdm 3.8


Smith & Wesson M&P full sized and compact


All Cz pistols


All Sig Sauer p250 except subcompact


FNH, FNP, FNS, FNX , 5.7

And many many more fits all weaver and picatinny rails !!!


Flashlight Specs


3 watt Cree LED

150 Lumen True Lumen Rating

Battery Type: CR123A(requires 2) INCLUDED

Length: 3.5"

Weight: 4.1 ounces with batteries

Height: 2.0"

Body width: 1.4"

Standard On/Off Rear butterfly switch for quick action

3 position selector switch


Green Laser Specs


Wavelength: 532nm

Max Output Power: <5mw

Battery Type: CR123A

Line Width: <0.1nm

Beam Divergence: <1mrad

Beam diameter: <1mm

Operating temperature: 49-95 degree Fahrenheit

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