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Magpul M-Lok AFG Angled Forend Grip AR-15 - Black

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 Magpul M-Lok AFG Angled Forend Grip AR-15 - Black

  • Quick and easy direct-attach M-LOK mounting system
  • Weighs only 1.2 oz
  • Increased muzzle control for faster follow-up shots
  • Made in the USA


The Magpul M-Lok AFG (Angled Fore Grip) is the result of research and refinements done to the original AFG and AFG-2. By integrating the direct-attach M-Lok mounting system with minimalist construction, Magpul was able to produce a high strength grip that only weighs 1.2 ounces, including hardware. Allowing for a wider range of mounting location options, the M-Lok AFG is .75" shorter than the AFG-2 while maintaining a similar gripping surface area.

Even though the M-Lok AFG is more compact than its predecessors, it continues to take into account natural body mechanics to provide a comfortable and stable user interface that reduces fatigue and allows for more precise weapon control. By positioning the shooter's hand high on the centerline of the bore, unlike conventional vertical fore grips, the M-Lok AFG helps mitigate recoil and control the weapon to facilitate faster, more accurate follow-up shots. 

All hardware necessary for attachment directly to M-Lok Slots on either aluminum or polymer hand guards and forends is included.

Technical Information


Fit: M-LOK Compatible Handguards

Material: Polymer

Weight: 1.2 oz (Including Hardware)

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