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JE Designs AR-15 Silent Recoil Spring Buffer System

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JE Designs Ar-15 "Quiet" Recoil Spring Buffer System

Gets Rid Of The Twang Twang Noise
Reduces Felt Recoil & Muzzle Rise

The Je Designs captured-spring recoil system makes your AR function 95% smoother 80% quieter without any real modifications. balanced, dual buffer spring, combined with the two Stage NP3 nickel Teflon buffer, greatly reduces friction & vibration so no more loose fillings TWANG TWANG noise of conventional springs & buffers. Fits buffer tubes for both M4-style collapsible stocks For Ar-15 & Lr-308 Rifles. Reduces Felt Recoil & Muzzle Rise

A Must Have For All Ar-15 Owners

Works With 5.56 Nato, .223 Rem, 300 Blackout, .22 Nosler, 25-45 Sharps, 450 Bushmaster, .458 Socom, 6.5 Grendel, More

Works In Both Pistols & Rifles

Not For Use In 9mm Or pistol calibers



  • Recoil Buffer Weight Of 3.4 Oz
  • Made Of 4150 Hardened Ordnance Grade Steel
  • Finished In NP3 Nickel PTFE Teflon Finish
  • Nitrile O-Ring Buffer Silencer
  • Simple Maintenance-Free Design
  • Made in USA

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