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Gauntlet Arms
Gauntlet Arms 'Swift Series' Low Profile 17' LR-308 M-Lok Handguard

Gauntlet Arms "Swift Series" Low Profile 17" LR-308 M-Lok Handguard

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Gauntlet Arms "Swift" 17" Low Profile LR-308 M-Lok Handguard


Gear up with the Gauntlet Arms "Swift Series" Low Profile 17" LR-308 M-Lok Handguard! Engineered for swift maneuvers and precise control, helping you to always be ahead of the curve in your tactical performance.

Rev up your AR-10/LR-308 with the Gauntlet Arms "Swift Series" Low Profile 17" M-LOK Handguard, engineered to bring a swift boost in both performance and aesthetics to your rifle. Designed with the discerning shooter in mind, this handguard seamlessly blends functionality with a sleek, lightweight profile, providing optimal maneuverability and durability. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, it delivers reliability without the burden of extra weight, making it an ideal choice for tactical missions and competitive shooting scenarios where agility is paramount.

Exceptional Customization with M-LOK System:
The Swift Series Handguard features an advanced M-LOK accessory attachment system, providing extensive customization options to meet your specific needs. Whether you need to attach grips, lights, or lasers, the M-LOK system allows for seamless and secure integration. The 17-inch length offers ample space for mounting accessories while maintaining a sleek, low-profile appearance, allowing your rifle to look as good as it performs.

Versatility with Four QD Mounts:
Equipped with four QD (Quick Detach) mounts, the Swift Series Handguard improves your maneuverability and tactical readiness. These mounts provide versatile sling attachment points, allowing for quick transitions and secure carry options in any situation. The absence of anti-rotation tabs provides a clean, uninterrupted profile, contributing to the handguard’s streamlined and sophisticated design.

Free-Float Design for Enhanced Accuracy:
Designed with a free-float style, the Gauntlet Arms Swift Series Handguard has no contact with the barrel beyond the nut, which significantly improves accuracy by reducing barrel deflection. This design allows for more consistent and precise shots, crucial for both competitive shooting and tactical operations. The included barrel nut makes installation straightforward, allowing you to upgrade your rifle with ease and confidence.

Why Choose the Gauntlet Arms Swift Series Handguard?
For shooters seeking a blend of precision, durability, and sleek design, the Gauntlet Arms "Swift Series" Low Profile 17" LR-308 M-LOK Handguard is the ultimate choice. Its craftsmanship, versatile M-LOK system, and advanced design make it a standout addition to any AR-10/LR-308 platform. Improve your rifle with this exceptional handguard and experience performance and customization. Order yours today and take your shooting experience to new heights.


Brand: Gauntlet Arms
Model: "Swift" 17" Low Profile LR-308 M-Lok Handguard
Length: 17"
QD Mount: Yes
Number of QD Mounts: 4
Platform: AR-10
Style: Free Float
Attachment System: M-Lok
Profile: Premium
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Color: Black
Finish: Anodized
Anti Rotation Tabs: No
Barrel Nut Included: Yes

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