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ELD Performance
ELD Performance 'Guideline' 20'' .308 Win AR-10 Barrel, 1:10 Stainless , 5/8x24 Thread

ELD Performance "Guideline" 20'' .308 Win AR-10 Barrel, 1:10 Stainless , 5/8x24 Thread

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ELD Performance "Guideline" LR-308 20" .308, Rifle Gas, 1:10T, Medium Weight, Stainless Steel Barrel

General Barrel Info: The barrel on an LR-308 originally operates under a 'gas impingement' system, by tapping gas off of the barrel and cycling it back through the gas system to assist the bolt carrier in unlocking and extracting the spent cartridge. LR-308 Barrels come in four different specifications for gas systems, Pistol, Carbine, Mid-Length, and Rifle. LR-308 Barrels vary between profiles as well from Government, to Heavy, and Slim. Thanks to the modularity of LR-308, you can choose different calibers starting with the barrel, each with its specific twist rates. Choosing your barrel for your next LR-308 build has never been easier.

About This Barrel: This 
"Guideline" Barrel is made by ELD Performance it is 20" long, and is machined from 416R Stainless Steel and finished in a stainless steel appearance. Chambered for .308 Win, using a medium profile design, this barrel will fit your next LR-308 build perfectly.

About the Profile: Medium - Medium Profile barrels are designed to have an even weight distributed from the beginning to the end of the barrel, this results in a rather tubular looking appearance but with identical rigidity and properties to a government profile barrel.

Barrel Classification: Rifle

Length: This Barrel is designated as a rifle barrel with an overall 20" length.

Caliber: .308 WIN - This barrel is chambered in .308 Winchester otherwise known as 7.62x51 NATO. .308 Win is the standard caliber for LR-308/AR-10 rifles of old & modern battle rifles from the 70s onward. Featuring amazing long-range accuracy and energy delivery, 308 Winchester is the most common hunting and long rifle round in America.

Material: 416R SS - 416R is a hardenable chromium stainless steel particularly suited for use in high quality precision rifle barrels. This grade has good machinability and, because of closely controlled chemistry and processing techniques, may be machined and lapped to a high finish, which is important for bore accuracy.

Finish: Stainless - Stainless steel finishes come in high-luster finishes similar to nickel plating, but with the added benefit of increased strength and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel finishes do not experience the same wear that other metals may experience such as peeling, flaking, wear and rust from scratches where the oxidation protection layer may be removed.

Thread Pitch: 5/8x24 - 5/8x24 Threads are commonly found on barrels chambered in .30 Cal and up. Usually .308 Win, .300BLK, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 7.62x39. Muzzle Devices such as flash hiders, blast cans, and compensators will work with this barrel.

Brand: ELD Performance
"Guideline" LR-308 20" .308, Rifle Gas, 1:10T, Medium Weight, Stainless Steel Barrel
Platform: LR-308/AR-10
Classification: Rifle
Caliber: .308 Win
Length: 20
Handguard Compatability: Freefloat
Gas Port Size: 0.75
Gas Length: Mid-Length
Profile: Medium
Twist Rate: 1:10
Finish: Stainless
Material: 416R Stainless Steel
Thread Pitch: 5/8x24

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