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Davidson Defense Premium Low Profile Micro .936 Billet Adjustable Gas Block (Very High Quality)
Davidson Defense Premium Low Profile Micro .936 Billet Adjustable Gas Block (Very High Quality)

Davidson Defense Premium Low Profile Micro .936 Billet Adjustable Gas Block (Very High Quality)

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Davidson Defense Premium Low Profile Micro .936" 
Billet Adjustable Gas Block 

The Gas Block on your AR-15 / AR-10 style rifle is an integral part of the gas system that allows your rifle to cycle. By tapping off gas from the barrel and diverting it back into the gas key of the bolt carrier group, there is enough inertial force to unlock the bolt carrier, send it rearward to the recoil assembly, and extract and pickup another cartridge to fire.

About this Gas Block: This gas block is machined with a .936 Gas Port. .936 Gas Ports are found on both AR-15 barrels chambered in .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, and .300 Blackout; and AR-10 barrels chambered in .308, 7.62 NATO, and 6.5 Creedmoor. This gas block size is known for its reliability it assisting the rifle function in regular and adverse conditions. .936" Is larger than standard .875" gas blocks and will tap more gas off from the barrel. This gas block has a 'low-profile' design and is made to fit underneath a free-float handguard.

We Found One Of The Best Firearm Part Mfg. Companies & Had Them Make This Adjustable Gas Block. Built To Exacting Specs & Made Of The Highest Quality Materials This Gas Block Is One That Will Last Forever. Made Of Hardened A2 Tool Steel Then Nitrided To Obtain A Super Exterior Hardness That Will Resist Erosion & Wear Making This Gas Block One Of The Best & Highest Quality Adjustable Gas Blocks On The Market.

Adjustable Gas Blocks lets you to fine tune your rifle's gas system for smoother cycling and operation. Regulating the amount of gas used to cycle the action allows tuning the rifle's operation to a specific load and the use of low mass bolt carriers, buffers and springs to reduce felt recoil. This is critical to allow faster follow up shots, target acquisition and reliability.

The Davidson Defense Adjustable Gas Block is field adjustable. Operation is easy, simply turn the gas regulating screw in to lessen the amount of gas and out to add more gas, then use the brass set screw to lock the setting in place.

Melonite Coated to reduce wear and corrosion for extended periods of fire, it also makes cleaning easier, as carbon build up will not adhere to the non-reflective coated surface as much as it does on standard Parkerized finishes.

Gas Port Size: This gas block is a larger than average .936" size gas block.

Platform: This gas block will work on both AR-15 and AR-10 barrels, for .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor barrels, be mindful of possible tolerance issues in the barrel profile.

Adjustable: This Gas Block is adjustable, allowing the user to tune how much gas is needed, this is useful for testing different ammunition, running suppressors, or other adverse conditions that you may need to tune your gas settings with.

Profile: This Gas Block is 'low-profile' and designed to fit underneath freefloat handguards.

Finish: Nitride - This gas block uses a nitride finish, making it have improved rust and corrosion resistance. Nitrided parts are typically glossy in texture.

Attachment Style: Slide On - This gas block has a fixed size, and must slide on from the front of the rifle and is secured in place with 2 set screws near the bottom.

Material: Steel - This gas block is made from hardened & tempered steel, providing the strength and rigidity to withstand forces of expanding gasses and vibration from the rifle or pistol under operation.

DISCLAIMER: **Before purchasing, please be mindful of possible tolerance differences resulting from your handguard profile, barrel profile, gas length, and barrel gas port.**

Full shutoff with zero adjustment movement
Chambered edge, semi-press fit
Fits under most free float handguard
Same profile/height as the standard low-profile gas block
Includes (2) set screws for a secure attachment
Includes 10-32 Set-Screw and a 4-40 Retaining Screw (Rearward facing)
Accepts standard gas tube roll-pins but, a roll-pin is NOT included
Made Of A2 Tool Steel
H&M Nitride QPQ Nitride & High Polished Finished

Brand: Davidson Defense
Platform: AR-15, AR-10 / LR-308
Model: Premium Low Profile Micro .936 Billet Adjustable Gas Block
Gas Port Size: 0.936"
Adjustable: Yes
Profile: Low-Profile
Finish: Nitride
Attachment Style: Slide On
Material: Steel

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