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Davidson Defense Premium AR-15 M4 3.0 lb Drop-In Ultra Match Trigger System - Black

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Davidson Defense Premium AR-15 M4 3.0 lb Drop-In Ultra Match Trigger System Black

100% Made in UTAH 


This Trigger Has Less Trigger Pull By .5 Lbs Than 99% Of The Trigger's On The Market 

This Trigger Hits The Primer Much Harder

 This Trigger Has Zero Creep 

Plus A Shorter Reset Than Timney's Drop In Trigger




This Trigger is made by a major Drop-In Trigger Manufacturer for Davidson Defense. This trigger features a crisp and clean no creep trigger pull with a lower trigger pull weight.

Shortest reset available and the lowest amount of creep available in any drop-in trigger on the market today!

Light but very safe 3.0 lbs trigger pull. 

This single-stage, non-adjustable, drop-in trigger boasts a solid 3-pound pull weight and is pre-assembled in Hard coat Anodized aluminum housing for immediate competition, hunting, and tactical applications right out of the box. This trigger features a trigger reset aid; when the hammer comes down, the trigger is pushed forward past the reset point giving you one of the fastest resetting triggers on the market. 

Trigger pin size 0.154" No Colt 0.170" large pin available

Wrench size is 5/64

Made from American A2 steel, the Trigger, Disconnect, and Hammer designed for ultimate strength and corrosion resistance.

We only have a limited amount of triggers available so once gone they’re gone for good!


Instructions for installing Drop-In AR-15 and AR-10 trigger group.


1. If installing in a receiver that already has a trigger and hammer installed, remove the trigger pin and hammer pin and remove the trigger and hammer as well as the grip, safety selector and detent. New receivers, install the drop-in trigger before mounting the grip.

2. Insert the trigger pack into the fire control compartment

3. Insert the hammer and trigger pins. Anti-walk type pins work much better, as standard pins can drop out.

4. Towards the rear of the trigger cassette you will see two small set screws. With the trigger and hammer pins in place, turn those set screws down to raise the trigger the point that there is pressure created on the trigger and hammer pins which will hold them in place. This step is VERY important and will take care of the slight dimensional differences between lower receivers. 

5. Install the retainers on the anti-walk pins

6. Insert the safety selector switch. The hammer needs to be in the cocked position. Take care as it is inserted to not push the selector into the back extension of the trigger. Replace the safety detent, spring and grip.

7. At this point you can test the trigger pull and reset.

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