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Davidson Defense
Davidson Defense 'Peroxyd' AR-15 Pistol Upper Receiver 7.5' 7.62x39 4150 CMV 1-10T Barrel 7.5' Quad Rail Handguard (Assembled or Unassembled)

Davidson Defense "Peroxyd" AR-15 Pistol Upper Receiver 7.5" 7.62x39 4150 CMV 1-10T Barrel 7.5" Quad Rail Handguard (Assembled or Unassembled)

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Davidson Defense "Peroxyd" 

AR-15 Pistol Upper Receiver 

7.5" 7.62x39 4150 CMV 1-10T Barrel 

Premium 7.5" Quad Rail Handguard

(Assembled or Unassembled)

If You Don't Have An AR-15 Pistol Yet, Now Is The Perfect Time To Build One. At This Price There's No Reason Not To Add One To Your Arsenal. This Pistol Upper Kit Once Assembled With Your Favorite Lower And Brace, Will Easily Fit Into Any Collection And Take Up Minimal Space.

Built On A Davidson Defense Forged From 7075-T6 Aluminum. This Stripped Upper Is Precision Machined To Mil-spec M16/M4 Specifications And Features M4 Feedramps.

This Upper Features A 7.5" 7.6x39 Barrel From Gauntlet Arms. This Heavy Barrel Is Made From 4150 CMV And Has A Thread Pitch Of 5/8x24 And A Twist Rate Of 1-10.

The Premium 7.5" Phase 5 LPSN Handguard Was Developed As An Improvement To Our Previous Quad Rail. The New LPSN Was Inspired By Lots Of Beneficial Features That Shooters Have Requested And Demanded From Us And Other Manufacturers. 

The Slender Design, Longer Nose, Ease Of Installation And Superior Construction Are Some Of The Features That We Designed Into This System. Another Development Feature Is The Finish Quality. The LPSN Undergoes A Rigorous Extra De-Burring Process In Order To Ensure A Smoother Snag Free Finish.

This Upper Includes A Strike Industries Venom Flash Hider Which Nearly Eliminates 100% Of Your Muzzle Flash And Quickly Disperses Propellant Gasses. This Flash Hider Significantly Reduces Muzzle Flash To Help Preserve Your Night Vision. No Loss Of Low Light/Night Vision Means The Potential To Make Faster Follow Up Shots, As Well As Increased Situational Awareness. The Aggressive Four Pronged Design Protects The Muzzle Crown And Gives The Venom A Unique Look.


Barrel MFG: Gauntlet Arms
Barrel: 7.5" 7.62x39 4150 CMV Heavy Barrel
Twist Rate: 1-10T
Thread Pitch: 5/8x24
Gas System Length: Pistol
Upper: Davidson Defense Mil-Spec Upper Receiver
Handguard: Premium 7.5" Phase 5 LPSN Handguard
Gas Block: .750 Low Profile Steel Gas Block
Gas Tube: Tactical Superiority Stainless Steel Pistol Gas Tube
Muzzle Brake: Strike Industries Venom Flash Hider
Forward Assist: Omega Mfg. AR-15 Forward Assist Assembly
Ejection Port Door: Omega Mfg. AR-15 Ejection Port Door, Rod And Spring
Upper Weight: 

Please note: If the listing says "In-Stock" it means we have all of the items in stock. Our assembled upper receivers are made to order, please check this LINK to view our most up to date shipping status.


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