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Davidson Defense M-16 M-16A2 Full-Auto Complete Mil Spec Lower Parts Kit  *100% American Made*
Davidson Defense M-16 M-16A2 Full-Auto Complete Mil Spec Lower Parts Kit *100% American Made*

Davidson Defense M-16 M-16A2 Full-Auto Complete Mil Spec Lower Parts Kit *100% American Made*

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Davidson Defense M-16 Full-Auto Complete Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit 
100% American Made

The Davidson Defense Standard Complete M16 Lower Receiver Replacement Parts Set includes all small parts & grip assembly to completely rebuild registered M16 receivers.  ALL NFA LAWS APPLY.   

These Work With Bushmaster 3 Round Burst Kits  (M16 Fire Control Parts Not Needed When Used In Conjunction With Burst Kits)

General Info: Lower Parts Kits include all of the small bits & pieces needed to make your AR-15 Lower fully functional. Pieces such as the mag release, take-down pins, selector, trigger guard, bolt catch, buffer retainer, roll-pins, detents, and small springs are included to allow completion. 'Mil-Spec' kits include stronger springs meant to ignite hardened primers found on M855 (Green Tip), XM193, and other military 5.56x45mm loads. The M-16/M-16A2 Full-Auto kits include all of the standard AR-15 parts for completing a lower, a modified M-16 selector, Sear, and Sear pin.
Brand: The M-16/M-16A2 Full-Auto Kit is produced by Davidson Defense with high-quality steel & brass components.
Brand Info: Headquartered in the beautiful Wasatch Valley just south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Davidson Defense INC. Is an FFL licensed retailer and manufacturer of specialty parts and accessories for the modern sporting rifle.

Founded and operated by enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and decades of experience in the firearms industry.

With our immense buying power in this space, we can provide the absolute best prices and selection to our wide customer base. While the majority of our business is conducted online, we also operate a local gun shop in Orem, Utah with a large selection of firearms, ammunition, and parts.

Platform: Compatible AR-15 Lowers
FCG Included: The Davidson Defense Full Auto Kit comes with all the necessary parts need to complete a Full Auto fire control group. M-16 Full auto kits use separate safety selectors to designate between safe, single, & full fire modes. Alongside the FGC in this kit comes the M-16 GI Sear, to ensure reliable operation in the 'full' fire mode.
Grip: The M-16/A2 lower parts kit includes an A2 style grip and grip screw to complete your AR-15 lower receiver.
Full Auto Compatible: The M-16/A2 Lower Parts Kit comes with an auto sear and full-auto capable safety selector to ensure proper functionality.
Weight: The overall weight of the M-16/A2 Lower Parts Kit is 0.515lbs.
Restricted States: Please View Product Shipping Restriction Before Purchase.

100% Made In The USA

M-16 Trigger
M-16 Hammer
M-16 Disconnector
M-16 Selector
M-16 GI Sear
M-16 GI Sear Pin
Black A2 Pistol Grip
Pistol Grip Screw
Pistol Grip Lock Washer
Trigger Guard
Trigger Guard Roll Pin
Trigger Spring
Trigger Pin
Hammer Spring
Hammer Pin
Disconnector Spring
Selector Spring
Selector Detent
Bolt Catch Spring
Bolt Catch
Bolt Catch
Bolt Catch Roll Pin
Magazine Catch Button
Magazine Catch
Magazine Catch Spring
Front Pivot Pin
Pivot Pin Detent Spring
Takedown Pin
Take Down Detent
Buffer Retainer Pin
Buffer Retainer Spring

Brand: Davidson Defense
Model: M-16 / M-16A2 Full Auto Complete Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit
Platform: AR-15
Includes Fire Control Group: Yes
Includes Grip: Yes
Grip Model/Style: Mil-Spec A2 Grip
Grip Color: Black
Full Auto Compatible: Yes
Restricted States: Yes
Weight: .515 lbs.


It is the Buyer's Responsibility to ensure that the item is legal to own in his/her city/state. By buying this item you are confirming that you are legally allowed to have this item in your area. By buying this item you hereby Declare that You also understand that all NFA rules apply and You will abide by the rules of the BATFE. And you hold Davidson Defense harmless for any legal issues that may arise due to purchasing and utilizing these components if used in an incorrect way.  If you install them without the proper paperwork, own an AR15 receiver Or Its NOT Legal in your state to own these type of parts THEN you will have an issue WITH THE LAW.

This kit is intended to replace full auto parts in a registered full auto lower. Replacing AR-15 parts with some M-16 Parts does not make your rifle into a fully automatic rifle. Also replacing AR-15 parts with M-16 parts, without legal paperwork will make your rifle illegal. Please consult with ATF on how to obtain legal paperwork / documentation to own a fully automatic firearm. Possession of M16 parts in a rifle without proper paperwork can have legal ramifications such as fines, confiscation, and imprisonment. Again, please check to make sure you have the proper paperwork to own or take possession of Automatic weapon parts before ordering. Also be advised, taking possession or owning a lower receiver and having automatic weapon parts, may also have legal issues. IE if you own a lower receiver, it is considered a firearm by law. Sold as replacement parts ONLY in registered M16 lowers.

Please View Product Shipping Restriction Before Purchase.

Please note: If the listing says "In-Stock" it means we have all of the items in stock. Please check this LINK to view our most up to date shipping status. 
Warranty, Returns & Terms:
Davidson Defense offers a 30 day return, refund and exchange policy. You must email or call Davidson Defense and obtain an RMA number prior to any return, refund, or exchange. All returns must include the original order number, receipt or invoice, along with the billing address, shipping address, contact phone numbers, contact emails, and RMA number. Returns, refunds, and exchanges may take up to two weeks, not including transit times, for processing after we receive it. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the returning party, with the exception of the wrong item being received or on warranty exchange during the first 30 days after delivery. Items returned for warranty will only be replaced or exchanged, not refunded.

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