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Custom Deal ODIN Works Zulu Adjustable Stock - Black + Carbine Flat Wire Spring + Tungsten Heavy Buffer + Carbine Castle Nut Red
Custom Deal ODIN Works Zulu Adjustable Stock - Black + Carbine Flat Wire Spring + Tungsten Heavy Buffer + Carbine Castle Nut Red

Custom Deal ODIN Works Zulu Adjustable Stock - Black + Carbine Flat Wire Spring + Tungsten Heavy Buffer + Carbine Castle Nut Red

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Custom Deal ODIN Works Zulu Adjustable Stock - Black 
+ Carbine Flat Wire Spring 
Tungsten Heavy Buffer
 + Carbine Castle Nut Red

ODIN Works Zulu Adjustable Stock - Black

The ZULU 2.0 stock combined with the ODIN Works padded intermediate buffer tube creates a complete stock suitable for rifle or carbine builds.  Machined from 6061 aluminum with ergonomics and function in mind, the ZULU 2.0 stock gives you an ambidextrous and adjustable solution for your rifle.  With the reversible QD adapter included, this stock allows you to set it to your needs.

Made from 6061 aluminum and Limbsaver recoil pad
Secondary Buffer System
Reduces Recoil
Available in black, blue, orange or red anodize, and Cerakote FDE

Weight: 1.23 lbs
Kit includes: -ZULU Adjustable Stock -Padded Intermediate Buffer Tube -Ambi Sling/QD Plate
Length of pull: Min-12.75" Max-15.88"

Carbine Flat Wire Spring

The SI Carbine Flat Wire Spring is an economical and easy upgrade to any AR system with a carbine buffer system. The flatwire spring increases service life of the platform, smooths out the shooting cycle, and greatly outlasts the stock spring. Increased bolt load, in addition to decreased compression force increases reliability in cycling.

Additionally, all SI Flat Wire springs are cryogenically stress relieved to provide greater consistency, longer spring life, and greater resilience to high cyclic rates. At a cost not much greater than stock carbine springs, the SI Flatwire is an easy option for those either looking to replace worn buffer springs or begin new builds.

They are much quieter, ultra high-polished and designed to run smoother and quieter. They also hold their original spring tension during extended firing under high heat and cold. Some springs weaken significantly during extended firing; however, the flat wire spring is both cryo treated plus designed to retain its spring tension well beyond the failure point of standard military springs.

Upgrade your gun. Get a flat wire spring today to reduce the twang and increase the reliability!

1x Carbine Length Flat Wire Spring

OD: 0.94"
ID: 0.75"
Length: 13 7/8"
Rev: 35
Gauge (Flat Wire Profile): 0.045" x 0.0935"

Cryo-cycled 17-7 ph steel for strength, reliability and longevity
Decreased harmonics lessens system vibration for faster follow up shots.
Increased bolt load for more positive feeding
Reduces distracting AR "twang"

Tungsten Heavy Buffer

Looking for a heavy buffer to replace your standard carbine buffer? Spikeís Tactical came up with something that offers the highest performance at a reasonable price. The ST-T1 buffer is one of the softest shooting, smoothest, and quietest buffers on the market; not to mention it looks awesome! It doesn't have any weights to move around or fluids to leak out like some other buffers, so it's 100% maintenance free! Weighing in at 3 oz (85g), the ST-T1 buffer is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum bar stock for strength and durability and anodized matte black then laser engraved with the Spike's Tactical logo. This is the same buffer used in the ST Shooting Team's weapons.

Each ST-T1 buffer is filled with high density tungsten powder and topped off with a MIL-SPEC bumper. Because of this, there arenít any reciprocating weights inside to make a lot of noise and it also makes for a very smooth cycling rifle. The ST-T1 eliminates the chance of bolt bounce, helps with muzzle rise when firing in full-auto, and cuts down on felt recoil. It is a huge upgrade from a standard carbine buffer. While designed for .223 Rem/5.56 NATO, the ST-T1 works with all calibers. Get one for your AR-15 today and feel the difference!

Carbine Castle Nut Red

The Enhanced Castle Nut and Extended End plate combo represent Strike Industriesí dedication to thinking outside the box. The SI Enhanced ECN and EEP stand out from the generic parts kit units in both aesthetics and function. The steel castle nut has been lengthened to match the extended end plate, supporting more of the receiver extensionís threaded area, and improving aesthetics. The extended end plate features a Quick Detach sling swivel mount, pushed back away from the webbing of the primary hand. This allows weapons manipulations in tight spaces and under stress, without the startling pain that can result from a pinched hand when using a sling attached to a standard, flat QD end plate.

1x Enhanced Castle Nut
1x Enhanced End Plate

Aesthetic upgrade
Centrally placed QD for right or left hand sling use
Easy drop in installation
Simplified installation of takedown pin and detent via set screw.

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