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Custom Deal Less Lethal Combo Sabre Self Defense Pepper Gel + Pepper Ball Air Pistol
Custom Deal Less Lethal Combo Sabre Self Defense Pepper Gel + Pepper Ball Air Pistol

Custom Deal Less Lethal Combo Sabre Self Defense Pepper Gel + Pepper Ball Air Pistol

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Custom Deal Less Lethal Combo Sabre Self Defense Pepper Gel 
Pepper Ball Air Pistol

Sabre Self Defense Pepper Gel

SABRE pepper spray products are available in quick-release keyring dispensers, holstered/belt clip canisters, athletic armbands, high-tech gels and other variations. No matter how it is carried, SABRE offers the best pepper spray on the market.

Easy to use
All pepper products made in the USA

Size: 2.5 oz
Color: Black
Packaging: Aerosol Can
Type: Spray
Description: Home Defense Pepper Gel

Pepper Ball Air Pistol

The HDP pepper ball pistol helps you in being Prepared to Protect. The T4E HDP was developed by UMAREX, a family-owned company with interests in empowering people with the confidence to protect themselves, their families, and possessions. Being Prepared to Protect offers peace of mind when children are present and live-fire pistols are unwanted. Its easy-to-use quick response charge and multiple rounds of .50 caliber pepper balls provide confidence during intense situations.

Less-Than-Lethal Self Defense:
For people wanting an alternative, less-than-lethal self-defense option, the T4E HDP is the perfect solution. This CO2 powered pistol fires .50 caliber rubber and pepper rounds at an effective range of 60 feet, making it perfect for personal and family protection.

Safe, Less-Than-Lethal Self Defense
Ability to Engage Threats at a Further Distance - up to 60 ft
Fires .50 Caliber Pepper, Powder, and Rubber Rounds
Includes 10 Pepper Ball Rounds and 10 Rubber Ball Rounds
Integrated Magazine Holds 6 Rounds

Note: This type of weapon can only be used by adults (over the age of 18) and cannot be displayed or used in public spaces. It must be transported in bags or boxes (NOT IN VIEW) and can be used on a private place (at home, in safe areas) or in polygons, strictly for training or sports shooting. Failure to comply with these conditions established by law entails the responsibility of the guilty person! 

This Item Cannot Be Shipped To The State of California and New Jersey.

Note: Restriction may apply, to check your state laws, please click HERE

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